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New / AUDIO / Perspective: Hear And See Transcript Of What This Long Beach Resident Told City Council About Crime Where He Lives And What He Wants Council To Do About It
New: Two Lakewood Vehicle Theft Suspects Spotted/Followed/Nabbed By LASD w/ LBPD Assistance in ELB, Area Palo Verde/Conant/Hackett
Photo by Diana Lejins


New: LBPD Investigates Fatal Shooting in Affluent Los Cerritos Neighborhood

New: U.S. Bank Branch in Downtown LB (555 E. Ocean) Is Robbed; See FBI Suspect Pix

FBI released image
New: LBPD Seeks Public's Help In Bixby Knolls Robbery Investigated As Hate Crime

LBPD released suspect sketch
New / Advisory: See Detailed List Of Voluntarily Recalled Fruits Due To Potential Of Listeria Sold At These Stores
Central CA packing company says to its knowledge health officials haven't linked itmes to any illnesses
New: Midday (July 22) WLB Shooting / Santa Fe south of Spring St.; Fourth WLB Shooting (7th Council District) Since May, Third Since July 6

Man Killed, Another In Critical Condition After Ocean Blvd./Orizaba Ave. Single Vehicle Collision AND LBPD Says Investigators Believe "Two or More Vehicles May Have Possibly Been Involved In Street Racing"; See Full Release
Another Injury Traffic Accident at Bellflower Blvd./Wardlow Rd...This Time Involving At Least One Motorcyclist

Follow-Up: Less than optimal but still spectacular view of So. Cal as Int'l Space Stn orbited nearly directly over Long Beach this morning at 9:38:41 a.m. NASA prepared us for possible loss of satellite signal, which (sadly) happened about the time it reached the LA area, but we snapped the screen save below, looking back NW toward San Diego/OC/LB/LA, as the spacecraft headed over the Gulf of CA.

Screen save via NASA ISS video
Mayor Garcia's Choice To Chair Budget Oversight Committee, Vice Mayor Lowenthal, Announces She "Strongly Endorses" Mayor Garcia's Budget Recommendations Before Holding Any Committee Meetings On Them...But Says Her Committee Will Meet To Review Them And Offer Recommendations
"1st St Coyote" Spotted AGAIN, This Time At Paloma Ave. (Bluff Park area)

Zoom in from original photo by Jim Meyer on Facebook
Long Beach Police Chief McDonnell Warns New Medpot Ordinance Would Strain Police Resources Already Strained By Other Council Actions, Says Previous Ordinance Linked To Crimes, Nuisances, Adversely Affected Quality of Life; Others (Including CPAC) Favor New Ordinance That Doesn't Concentrate Outlets in Industrial Zones; Staff Will Return In Mid-August With Draft That Offers "Cascading" Zoning
Observed/Preserved: July 19: "Nobama"...On Wardlow Rd. Bridge Above 605 Freeway
Photos by Diana Lejins

Photo by Diana Lejins

Mayor Garcia Says He'll Recommend Restoring "Economic Development Bureau," Makes No Mention Of Restoring Public Safety (Police or Fire) Services Previously Provided To Taxpayers
Wrigley Midafternoon Murder, 2100 block Earl Ave. (At Hill St.)

Two Women -- A Motorcyclist And A Pedestrian -- Are Killed In Horrifying Accident, Ocean Blvd/Area 8th Place (b/w Cherry and Orange Aves.)
Enjoy Free Outdoor Screening Of "42 -- The True Story of an American Legend" (Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson) At Blair Field, Saturday July 19, 7:30-9:00 p.m., Made Possible By Signal Hill Petroleum Working With Partners of Parks
Follow-Up: Long Beach Fire Chief DuRee Says New Paramedic Response System (Test Began July 10) Running Seamlessly With No Issues...And On Average Citywide Is Producing Faster Paramedic Responses Than Previously
With Perspective: City Mgm't Says It Doesn't Expect To Bring Council Its Recommendation For Privately Built/Operated New Civic Center Until Roughly September...Likely Concealing Dueling Proposals From Council and Public Until At Least Then
Do You Recognize This Man? He's LBPD Suspect In Robbery of East Village Business

Photos source: LBPD

Weds Morning (July 16) Gunfire Hits Two Residences and an Unoccupied Vehicle (July 16), 700 block Gaviota Ave.; Location Is Near Three Other 2nd Council dist. Violent Crime Scenes Within Past Four Months

Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings; Purple Xs=2014 shots at an occupied (inhabited) residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Yellow Xs=stabbing
AUDIO: City Officials Take Part In Ceremonial "Swearing-In" At Terrace Theater Organized by Incoming Mayor Garcia (Hear His Remarks)
Following Mayor Garcia's remarks, city officials are invited to form a line and raise their hands in show of "unity for the community."

Screen save from City of LB webcast
New Mayor/Council, Civics Refresher: Major Differences b/w Mayor/Council in LB vs. LA vs. Others
Only One Shooting Over Weekend July 12-13 (Much Better Than TEN b/w July 3-7)

Community Treasure: Long Beach's Rancho Los Alamitos Wins L.A. Conservancy Project Preservation Award

Melloby Joe Mello Community Correspondent

Higher Than Usual High Tide Sun Night -- 6.77 Feet -- At About 10:35 p.m., Coincides With "Super Moon"
LB had a "King Tide" Sat nite approx. 7.02 Ft
For the Record:'s Questions, Inaugural Committee Lead-Person Doug Otto's Responses, re Inaugural Events
As of 8:00 a.m. July 10, Long Beach Residents/Visitors Are Test Subjects For City Hall Budget-Spurred/Mayor-Sought/Council-Approved Paramedic System Change; Mgm't Says Will Save Money And Improve Patient Care; LB Firefighters Ass'n Says Will Worsen Patient Care And Create Operational Problems
Opinion: L.A. County Firefighters Ass'n Prez Blasts Long Beach Rollout Of Paramedic System Change, Sends This Email To Incoming Electeds, City Mgr & LB Fire Chief
Two-Vehicles Collide At Bellflower/Wardlow; LBFD Transports Three Persons To Hospitals

Mayor Foster Releases His Budget Recommendations To A Council That Will Decide After He's Gone
Chicago by the Sea? Long Beach's Independence Day Weekend Shootings Approach, But Don't Reach, Per Capita Level Of Chicago Shootings
Long Beach Area State Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of Sac'to Latino Legislative Caucus, Backs Continued Fed'l Resources To Handle Influx Of Illegally Entered Young People At Port Hueneme Military Base

Photo source; Sen. Lara Facebook page
First (Again) on Long Beach Actually Had TEN Shootings During July 4th Holiday Period; There Were Three More On July 5th: Two in Central LB, One In NLB

Since Jan. 1, 2014: Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence
ANOTHER North Long Beach Shooting, Bullets Hit Occupied Apt. Bldg Area South St./Lemon Ave. (east of Atlantic) Shortly Before 1 a.m. Monday July 7

On July 4th: LBPD Comm Ctr Received 537 Pyro Calls (Down Slightly From 2013 But Up 22% From 2011); From 8 p.m.-Midnight, Received 452 Pyro Calls (Averaging Almost Two Per Minute)
Within four hours on July 4th afternoon, LBPD also had to deal with four shootings (including one murder)
July 4th: Man Loses His Thumb In Firework Injury, Allegedly Held Onto A Firework As It Exploded
If You Have These Specific Foster Farm Chicken Products (From March) In Your Freezer, They're Now Recalled, May Contain Salmonella Heidelberg; See Details Here
Follow-Up: Where's The Coastal Development Permit That Begat The Bluff Brouhaha? Public Records Act Requester Kajer Says City Hall Still Hasn't Produced It Or Plans Accompanying It; City Hall Puts Multiple Other Bluff Related Docs Online
Long Beach Has Now Had SIX Shootings (Including One Murder) In A Little Over 50 Hours During July 4th Holiday Period: Man Shot in WLB Midnight Hour Sunday July 6: Spring St./Santa Fe

Special Event Extended On-Demand VIDEO: A New Tradition Born? See/Hear LB's Municipal Band Perform As Fireworks Ignite the Night At ELB's Vets Stadium

Long Beach Has FIVE Shootings Within 18 Hrs -- FOUR Within Roughly Four Hours On Afternoon Of July 4th; Most Are In North Long Beach; One Is A Homicide; One Is In Central LB, Area Pine Ave./15th St.

Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence

Upstart Group Signs "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"
VIDEO Coverage coming:
Long Beach Muni Band Will Perform BEFORE AND DURING Fireworks At ELB's Vets Stadium Councilwoman Schipske Says (Adds A "Boston Pops Style" Aspect To July 4th Event)
Admission free, donations accepted, parking $10, show includes multiple events and begins 5:00 p.m. at Vets Stadium, Clark @ Conant

Preparations underway at about 11 a.m. Photo via Tonya Martin
Follow-Up: Rabid Skunk Found Near Millikan High Had Virus Acquired From A Rabid Bat
LBPD Seizes Over 1,000 Pounds of Fireworks At Three Locations: Two in NLB, One Near Wrigley

First (Again) on Exiting Mayor Foster Discloses He'll Release City Mgm'ts Proposed Budget With His Recommendations By Approx. July 9
"This is my last chance to craft the budget and I'm going to take that," he tells Los Altos audience

7th St./PCH "giant donut" is removed (July 3) with promises to store it for now and incorporate it in the coming months as part of a new "Dunkin' Donuts" location to be built on the site.

Photo by Deanna Rios (thank you)
First (Again) on UPDATE: Public Money Will Provide Nearly Half Cost Of "Inaugural Celebration Commemorating Inauguraton Of Mayor Garcia" And Other LB Elected Officials; LB Harbor Commission Approves $20,000 At June 30 Meeting, Proceeds Above Event Costs Will Benefit LB Non-Profit Children Today
AUDIO: Clouded By Question Over Whether City Has Coastal Comm'n Permit To Spray Concrete On Bluffs (Didn't Provide It Under Pub Recs Act, Couldn't Produce It At Council Meeting), Council Votes 6-1 (Schipske Dissenting) To Finish Spraying Concrete On Bluff Section Where It's Being Done And Not Remove It Where It's Been Done But Explore Alternatives On Bluff Areas Not Yet Sprayed

Photo by Gordana Kajer
Updated information above
Event Advisory: July 4th Spectacular @ ELB Vets Stadium = LB Muni Band Concert + Rock For Vets Performance + Tribute to 16 LB Hometown Heroes + Professional Fireworks Show
New: Three Alarm Fire (July 1) at West Long Beach Industrial Building

Source: via LBFD
Subsequent coverage above
Engineering Report Identifies Alternatives To Spraying Concrete on Bluffs But Doesn't Recommend Removing It Where It's Already Been Sprayed; Council To Discuss On July 1
Opinion: Council Should Finish Work In Bluff Park And Get Fuller Report That Doesn't Rule Out Viable Alternatives Without Knowing Costs/Benefits (As July 1 Agendized Report To Council Does)
by Gordana Kajer
Ms. Kajer delivered the April Council presentation on sprayed concrete on LB's bluffs that led to the Council calling a special meeting that paused current work and told staff to present a report on alternatives now scheduled for presentation on July 1

Photo by Gordana Kajer
Rabies Found In Skunk Near Millikan High; Vaccinate Your Pets, Avoid Contacts With Wild Animals
Int'l Space Stn Carrying High Def Cameras Captured This View As It Crossed So. Cal Coast in Ventura County

Screen save from NASA-TV
Rooftop Area Fire @ Apt. Bldg, 100 block Falcon, Spread After Nearby Tree Caught Fire...For Reason(s) Not Currently Determined

Photo credit: Max Pearl
Sic Transit: Bobby Womack, R&B Giant, Performed at 2009 LB Blues Festival, Was 70
LB Blues Festival Sept. 5/09
Photo credit: Dale Brown
UPDATED: Victim Was a 28 Yr Old LB Man: Motorcyclist (Adult) Is Shot To Death, 5500 block Dairy Ave.

Port of Long Beach Announces New Executive Director (Chosen By LB Harbor Comm'rs) And It's Former Fed Ex Canada Prez Jon Slangerup

First (Again) on / Perspective: City Atty Instructs Mayor's Office To Revise Its Agendized Item To First Seek Council Approval To Prepare Ordinance; Mayor Foster Agendizes Proposed Ordinance For July 1 Council Action (Without First Obtaining Council Approval To Prepare Measure) That Would Require Public Disclosure Of All Commissions/Fees Paid in City Real Estate Purchases Over $1 Million
Civic Center Rebuild May NOT Be On July 1 Council Agenda, Decision May Land In Incoming Councilmembers' Laps
City mgm't has previously declined request to release the dueling proposals submitted by two prospective developer/operators until after contract signed
First (Again) on See Details Of Related Proposals That Property Owners Say Could Enable Restoration And Public Access To Much Of Los Cerritos Wetlands North of 2nd St./Studebaker Linked To Development At Pumpkin Patch (PCH/Studebaker); Council Asked To Consolidate Items for Coastal Comm'n Review

Conceptual site plan

Perspective / Viewpoints

Editorial: Don't Resuscitate Deceased Economic Development Bureau(crats)

Editorial: Respecting Diversity
Editorial: Transparency, Disclosure Deserved For Inaugural Dollars
Editorial: More Trees ≠ More Cops
Opinion/Perspective: Mayor Bob Foster In Balance: Espoused Sensible Principles But In Our View Left Long Beach Worse Than He Found It In Key Areas; New Council Majority Should Reject Notion That Long Beach Can't Deliver Taxpayer Services At Levels Other Cities Do
Editorial: An "Inaugural" Fit For Kings
Editorial: Check/Balance Civics Lesson From Stymied Mayoral Attempt To Usurp Council Power
Editorial: How To Pay For A World Class Belmont Plaza Pool
Editorial: Inviting Uncontrollable Impacts At LB Airport
Opinion: City Mgm't Position On Civic Center Rebuild Understates Future Taxpayer Costs, Gives No Basis For Current Claimed Costs, Fails To Offer Obvious Alternative, Unwisely Rushes Council Decision With Long-Term Public Consequences
by Retired City Attorney Jim McCabe
Includes city management response
Editorial: Unfinished Business
Opinion: The Election: How To Spend Big And Lose Big
Editorial: Unaffordable
Opinion: Irrational Decision Making Merits No Vote From Me
by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

The Night Long Beach Ran Out of Cops: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?
Opinion: What Is City Mgm't Trying To Hide From Council And Taxpayers On New Civic Center, And Why Are They Hiding It?
Common Sense by Terry Jensen

With Perspective: "For Garcia and Johnson, Leadership's Limit Is the 5th District Border"
by Dave Wielenga,
Opinion: Double Standard Accepts Defeat As Victory
Common Sense by Terry Jensen

Editorial: Latest On Lemming Run Toward Taj Mahal Civic Center: $450,000 (60% Of What's Likely Needed) Proposed On Council "Consent Calendar" For Outside Lawyers
What LB Schools Should Do When We Get Fire Fallout
Editorial: LB Municipal Code Says Councilmembers Shouldn't Just Vanish On Pesky Votes But Mayors Let Them Do It...And Shouldn't
Editorial: Real Persons Here, Non-Persons Elsewhere

Editorial: Making A Mayoral Mockery Of Public Safety
Flashback: Editorial, Nov. 2011: "Would You Want To Live There?"
Editorial: Council Should Say NO Tonight To Looting $2.6 Million In Pothole, Street, Sidewalk And Infrastructure Funds to Pay For This; We Propose Alternatives
UPDATE: Council action: Passes 8-0 (Schipske absent) No questions or comments from Councilmembers regarding the use of infrastructure funds for the item.
UPDATED / Perspective: Fed Up With "Political Graffiti?" We Invite Campaigns And Independent Committees Either To Claim The Signs We Show Here Are Lawful/Consensual Or Remove Them

This "political graffiti" spotted in Los Altos. Email us your pix to:
Editorial: The Election
Editorial: Discussion Of Legal Developments Merited On Proposed Doffing/Donning Settlement Tonight
Editorial: Mayor Foster's Political Legacy

Opinion: Proposition A Death Tax
by Diana Lejins

Opinion: Crucial City Attorney Position Is No Job For Politically Propelled Johnson

by Les Robbins
Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

Election Notebook / Perspective: Beyond A Blooper: Garcia Election Pamphlet Statement Mangles Verb And Makes These Claims; Examine Them Here
Opinion: Beware the Endorsement Trap
by Diana Lejins

Editorial: The Public Costs of Political Pandering
UPDATE: Council votes 9-0 to seek city mgm't report on city-operated early education/pre-K program, to be discussed by Council's Joint Use Committee with LBUSD within 120 days (i.e. after April/June city elections.)
Opinion: The Bear Facts: Foster Endorsing Garcia No Surprise But Speculation Abounds On Reasons Why Now, And Why At All

by Les Robbins
Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

Opinion: Former City Mgm't Staffer Who Ran LB's Street Sweeping Tells Council: Don't Advance Process To Contract Out Street Sweeping, Because...
Miriam Yarden
Pets & Their People: Calling All Seniors: Adopt An Adult/Senior Dog, Not A Pup, And Enjoy
by C. Miriam Yarden, B.Sc., MS, APDT

Editorial: End LB's Contractual Cover-Ups: Disclose Contract Terms That Would Invite Multi-Million Upfront Expense To Pursue Taj Mahal Civic Center
Editorial: Council Should Say NO To "Advisory" Fireworks and Pandering MedPot Ballot Measures
Perspective: 2013 Long Beach "Outrages of the Year"
Perspective: Reason Foundation Analyzes Long Beach "Full Pension Reform," Says It Leaves $700 Million Unfunded Liability And...
In Their Own Words: Consumers Blast "Covered California" ObamaCare On Agency's Facebook Page
Editorial: Obama's Unaffordable Uncaring Act And Congressman Lowenthal's Coming Choice in 2014
Opinion: "Lie of the Year" Says Tampa Bay Times Obama's "If You Like Your Health Care Plan, You Can Keep It"
Editorial: Who's Offered Boeing What, And With What Real Dollar Costs/Benefits For Taxpayers?
Editorial: Council Should Seek Study Session, Hear Pros & Cons, Re "No Kill Equation" Measures Urged By Stayin' Alive Long Beach At LB Animal Shelter; Saving Four Legged Lives Should Trump Two-Legged Resistance To Change
Editorial: Council Should Direct Management To Issue Request For Proposals To Retrofit City Hall; Committing Taxpayers To Tear It Down To Enable Taj Mahal Project -- Before Obtaining Marketplace Retrofit Facts -- Would Be Unbusinesslike And Irresponsible
Editorial: Transparency and Taxpayers First: Release the Proposed Consultant Contract Before It Commits City To Millions For Downtown Taj Mahal
Editorial: No Check, No Balance
Cong. Alan Lowenthal Provides This Response re (1) CA Cancer Patient's WSJ Op-Ed re "Affordable Care Act"; And (2) If He'll Introduce Or Support Legislation To Allow Greater Freedom / Flexibility
Follow-up above
Via Edie Littlefield Sundby: You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor
I had great cancer care and health insurance. My plan was cancelled. Now I worry how long I'll live.
Follow-up above: Asks Cong. Lowenthal To Comment On (1) CA Cancer Patient's WSJ Op-Ed re "Affordable Care Act"; And (2) If He'll Introduce Or Support Legislation To Allow Greater Freedom / Flexibility
Media Review Omits These Details Of Its Role In Reporting 1986 Arrest Of High School Athlete Bobby San Jose
Editorial: Issue RFP For Retrofitting City Hall (And Main Library); Withhold Costly "P3" Civic Center Commitments Until Public/Council Have Facts To Compare; Release Stonewalled Seismic Study (Exec. Summary) And Significant P3 Costs Now
Opinion: The Bear Facts: DC Republicans In Disarray And Denial, Hurt Themselves And America's Middle Class And Working People
by Les Robbins
...I think that if I were the Speaker of the House of Representatives I would just kill myself. The Republican Party is in more disarray today than at any time in the past forty years and when you really examine the state of their politics there is little, if any, reason to believe that things will improve any time soon. On the other hand, if they have learned anything from the debacle of the past two weeks they will get their collective acts together and begin to do what the people sent them to Washington to do, which is to legislate, and solve the problems and issues facing American today....MORE

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WX Radar from NOAA
7-Day Forecasts: Shore Lakewood & Marine LGB Details

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    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    First (Again) on Internal Airport Documents Obtained by Show Move To Begin Process Of Changing LB Airport To Accept Int'l Flights One Council Vote Away, Concealed From Public In Run-Up to 2014 City Elections
    LBPD Cites Compton Man, Confiscates Fireworks Cache At His Home, After Online Ad Allegedly Indicates Fireworks Available For Sale in LB Area
    Passage: Johnny Mann, Arranger/Composer's Talented Singers Delivered Energetic, Elegant Harmonies On Radio Logos for 93/KHJ In 60s And KRTH/101 Decades Later
    Incudes VIDEO & AUDIO
    Ass't City Mgr. Suzanne Frick Ankles Long Beach To Become City Administrator For Ketchum, Idaho (Pop. Approx. 2,700, Salary $160k Plus Benefits)
    First (Again) on Multiple Townhomes Hit By Fumigation Burglaries At Multi-Unit Complex, 1700 block Grand Ave.
    First (Again) on UPDATED: July 1 LB Council Agenda Item Will Seek Approval To Pursue Coastal Comm'n Consolidated Development Permit Process For Synergy-Owned Wetlands (North of 2nd St/West of Studebaker) And Lyon Owned "Pumpkin Patch" (PCH North of Seal Beach Bridge)
    Summer Event Advisory: Summertime Tradition Returns: Movies in the Park Begins 2014 Run, See List On Link Here
    Signal Hill Petroleum Presents Check to Partners of Parks, Receives Proclamation from Long Beach Mayor/City Council
    LBPD Describes LBCC PCH Campus PD Foot Pursuit/Officer Involved Shooting: LBPD Alleges 26 Yr Old Enrolled Student -- On Parole -- Ran From Police, Pulled A Handgun From Backpack, Entered Occupied Classroom With Gun In Hand, Allegedly Pointed Gun At Pursuing Officer Who Discharged His Weapon
    Suspect booked for parole violation as investigation continues, LBPD says it recovered gun at scene, says it was discharged
    Perspective: Management Raises (Nov. 2013) Approved by Council Majorities Now Consume Sums That Could Nearly Replace A Cut Fire Engine Or Maintain Current Paramedic System
    LBPD Says "Fumigation Burglaries" Taking Place Here And Regionally, Offers Property Owners And Residents These Tips
    Incoming Mayor Garcia And/Or Reps Suggested To New Councilmembers Whom They May Wish To Hire For Their Council Office Staffs, Plans An "Inaugural Ball" (Cost/Funding Sources Not Yet Known)
    Audit Concludes At Least 144 Women in CA Prison System Were Sterilized Within Eight Year Period In Violation of State Laws/Procedures...While Prison Medical Care Operated Under Federal Court Appointed Receiver To Ensure Constitutionally Adequate Medical Care
    New Police Academy Class Starts With 29 LBPD Recruits; Subject To Attrition, They'll Be Sworn in December 2014; Mgm't Says Another Academy Class Is Scheduled To Begin Later This Year
    New recruits may offset retirements/exits but won't replace roughly 200 officers erased after Council failed for four years to fund replenishment academies as budget choice
    UPDATE: 16 Yr Old And 17 Yr Old Male, Both From L.A., Are Booked For Residential Burglary; Reported Midmorning NLB Res Burg In Progress Brings Big LBPD Response, Area South of Artesia, West of Downey; Officers Set Containment Perimeter & Search For Possible Perps reader photo
    First (Again) on CA Atty General's Office Says Garcia Must Exit Coastal Comm'n Within 60 Days Of Becoming Mayor July 15, Based On Difference Between His Appointment As Councilmember And New Position As Separately Elected Mayor Who Isn't Councilmember
    City Mgm't Says Its Estimated Costs For Planned Belmont Plaza Pool Rebuild Have Escalated, Will Offer Council Downsize Options At June 17 Study Session
    JetBlue And Long Beach Airport Have Held Secret Talks On Adding Int'l Flights
    Not immediately known with whom, for how long and if other city staff or elected officials took part
    Two Women, One Man Wounded In Midnight Hour NLB Shooting, 5600 block Lime Ave.

    Passage: Casey Kasem Is Gone; Hear Former Local Radio Voice Before American Top 40 And Scooby-Doo

    City Mgm't Seeks To Block Public Disclosure -- Sought by Under CA Public Records Act -- Of The Two Proposals Submitted For Civic Center Rebuild...Until After Contract Awarded
    July 4th Fireworks Will Return To ELB Vets Stadium -- Plus Muni Band Concert & Rock For Vets -- Says Exiting-Councilwoman Schipske
    by Joe Mello
    Twenty Seconds That Changed The Bluff: July 9, 2013: Council Voted 6-0 (Motion By Neal, Seconded By Garcia; DeLong, Lowenthal And Andrews Absent) With No Discussion To Approve Now-Controversial Sprayed Concrete To Stabilize Bluff

    Photo by Gordana Kajer
    AUDIO: Coastal Comm'n (With Garcia Absent) Votes To OK Revised Findings Enabling City-Mgm't Sought Second Paved Beach Path
    Man Stabbed, Area 8th/Gardenia (2nd Council district), Approx One Block From Where Shots Fired At Unoccupied Vehicle Less Than Two Weeks Earlier

    Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence, Yellow Xs=stabbings
    Passage: Ray Alpert, Major Community Benefactor, Was Co-Namesake (With Wife Barbara) Of Jewish Community Center, Supported Multiple Charitable Causes
    CA Taxpayers Will Spend Approx $1 Mil, LB Taxpayers About $350k, To Restore & Enhance Wetland Areas Atop Willow Springs Park at 2745 Orange Ave.
    As seen LIVE: So Why Was Vice Mayor Garcia Absent, And Where Was He, During Council Tie Vote On Paramedic Staffing?
    Two Council Tie Votes (Garcia Absent) Mean Budget-Driven Management-Sought LB Firefighter Ass'n-Opposed Test of Paramedic Staffing Change Will Begin July 10

    Midafternoon Stabbing, Possibly Gang Related, 5500 block Ackerfield Ave.
    Since Jan. 1, 2014: Red Xs=Murders; Blue Xs=Shootings (person hit); Purple=Shootings (vehicle/residence struck, no person hit); Yellow X=Stabbing (non-fatal)
    Read Ruling: Trial Court Strikes Down CA Laws That Make It Difficult -- Some Say Virtually Impossible -- To Remove Bad Teachers, Rules Sac'to Enacted Provisions Unfairly, Unnecessarily And For No Legally Cognizable Reason Disadvantage Students And Teachers
    Ruling Is Stayed Pending Appeal (Expected By Teachers Unions And State)
    Subsequent coverage above
    Councilmembers Austin, Schipske & Neal Agendize June 10 Council Delay Of Test on LB Residents Of Foster/Management-Sought, Firefighter Opposed, Council-Majority Budgeted Paramedic Response Change
    Perspective: Learns Fire Engine Had To Travel Twice As Far To Put Out This Fire Due To Foster/Garcia Backed Budget Reductions; Do You Want A Paramedic Tied Up At A Vehicle Fire If You're Having A Heart Attack?

    Photo courtesy of Kristin Chalmers
    Sharply Split Testimony -- Industry vs. Enviros -- As LB Harbor Comm'n Votes 5-0 To OK Contracts Facilitating Continued Coal Exports; Possible Appeal to City Council Coming
    Audit of VA Hospitals Nationally Indicates LB VA Hospital Patients Have Initial Wait Times Averaging About 33-50 Days, Current Patients Only A Few Days
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Enviros Object To Lengthy Contracts (Coming To Harbor Comm'n Final Enacting Vote Tonite) Facilitating Continued Coal Exports From Port of LB
    Home Grown? Ventura County Sheriff Busts Alleged Members Of A Residential Burglary Crew, Alleges It's Affiliated With A Long Beach Based Criminal Street Gang
    Extended VIDEO & Photo Coverage: Emotion Packed 4th Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run/Walk To Raise Awareness Of Childhood Cancer

    Candlelight vigil held at ELB's Patrick Henry School (3720 Canehill), site of Saturday morning's Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run/Walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness.

    Exiting Ass'ymember Lowenthal Is Principal Assembly Co-Author Of Bill That Could Require LBCC, CSU, UC and Indie College Students To Obtain "Affirmative Consent" Of Their Sex Partners Or Risk School Discipline If Their Partner Later Claims Sex Was Unconsented
    Measure Recently Advanced From State Senate With "Yes" Vote by State Senator Lara
    Gunfire Area 15th/Lewis (Near CA Rec Center/McBride Park Just East of Poly High); LBPD Says Intended Victims Weren't Hit, Suspect Is In Custody

    VIDEO: Mercedes Benz Shows And Tells What It's Building At Lakewood/Conant; New Facility Will House Three Company Units, Prep Cars Hauled From Port Via Trucks, Then Sent Out Via Trucks; See VIDEO, Hear Officials And Reporters' Q & A
    June 7 Is 4th Annual Jalen & Breanna Thayer Memorial Run/Walk; Grassroots, Emotion-Packed Event Promotes Childhood Cancer Awareness

    VIDEO: See It: Touching Sight As Mutilated Pelican ("Pink") Found in Long Beach, Surgically Saved At Int'l Bird Rescue, Is Released in San Pedro

    Photo by Bill Steinkamp
    June 3 Election Details: See Vote-by-Mail vs. Polling Place Results
  • Robert Garcia Is Elected Mayor; has on-demand video below (as carried LIVE) of Mayor-elect Garcia's victory speech. He's preceded by L.A. Councilman Joe Buscaino and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti. VIDEO streaming from Queen Mary by Joe Mello.

    Photo via (Buscaino website)
  • Lena Gonzalez (1st dist.) and Stacy Mungo (5th dist.) Elected to City Council
  • Councilman Patrick O'Donnell (Dem) Proceeds To November Runoff With Businessman John Goya (Repub); Councilmembers Suja Lowenthal and Steven Neal Lose Their Assembly Bids
  • LBPD Chief McDonnell Finishes Just Under 50% Of Vote For Sheriff, Proceeds to June Runoff With Tanaka (Finishes In Teens)
    LB Councilman Steven Neal Won't Become Next NLB-Carson Assemblymember, Finishes Third To Gipson And Walker
    Team reporting by Joe Mello and Bill Pearl
    El Dorado Park Estates House of Horrors: Animal Care Services Says It Found Over 100 Cats In Vacant House
    For Tiananmen Square 25th Anniversary: Hear Courageous 1989 Report By Radio Beijing's "Radio Tankman"

    Via Tiananmen Square mystery: Who was 'Tank Man'
    Via Whoa: Register Orders Furloughs For Everybody; See Company's Press Release
    by Kevin Roderick, Editor/Publisher
    Print-Promoting LBRegister To End Daily Stand-alone Edition, Will Become LB Section In Daily LosAngelesRegister With Weekly Standalone Sunday Edition
    Lost Doggie Alert: Small 7 lb terrier mix -- white and black, male, fixed -- is missing. Name is Pablo, lost near 15th/Obispo in mid-May with no collar BUT he HAS a microchip ID. Someone may have spotted him being walked by a woman less than a mile away. Owner says: "PLEASE RETURN HIM! REWARD FOR HIS RETURN!" Email:

    Motorcyclist Dies in Collision w/ SUV

    1st dist. Council Candidate Misi Tagaloa Says Someone Fired Shots Thru His Campaign Office's Windows Overnight, PD Says Too Soon To Say If It Was Gunfire Or Something Else, Investigation Underway

    Genetically Modified Food (GMO) Labeling Bill Fails (Again) in Sac'to; See Vote Tally, List of Supporters/Opponents & Their Arguments
    Anti-Fracking Bill Fails In Sac'to, Killed By 4 Dems + 12 Repubs Voting "No" And LB State Senator Lara With "No Vote Recorded"
    Event Advisory: Saturday Morning "Walk for the Animals" @ Marina Vista Park
    LB Lesbian & Gay Pride Inc. Issues This Statement In Response To LBPD Release
    Friday Midmorning Shots Fired, 700 block Rose Ave.; Gunfire Hits Unoccupied Vehicle, No Person Hit; Suspect(s) Flee Down 7th St.

    Red Xs=2014 murders; Blue Xs=2014 shootings; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence
    U.S. House of Reps Approves (219-189) Amendment -- Advanced by Cong. Dana Rohrabacher (R, HB) -- Preventing DEA From Spending Funds To Prevent States -- Including CA -- From Implementing Their State Laws Allowing Use, Distribution, Possession Or Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana
    Congressmembers Alan Lowenthal (D. LB-North OC) and Janice Hahn (D., south L.A.) among "yes" votes on amendment.
    New Data Show L.A. Airport's Harmful Particulates Are Many Times Higher And Extend For Much Further Than Previously Assumed. Long Beach Airport Impacts, Combined With LB's Four Encircling Freeways Plus Twin Ports, RRs and Trucks, Not Yet Studied
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