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UPDATE: Do You Recognize Any Of These Four "Persons of Interest" Below? LBPD Seeks Your Help In Investigation of July 4th NLB Murder


UPDATE: Follow-Up: Remember Gunfire That Struck Child In Car w/ His Parents At NLB Gas Station? LBPD Found/Arrested Suspect, DA Prosecuted Him, He Pleaded "No Contest" And Is Sentenced To 12 Yrs In State Prison

UPDATE: SCAQMD Received Roughly 30 Complaints Re Phillips 66 Refinery/Wilmington Smokey Flare Thursday

New / Follow-Up: Asks (Again) And Police Union Chief Declines (Again) To Let Us Hear Recording Of What Its Latest Endorsee (In This Cycle It's Chico) Said In LBPOA Endorsement Interview
New / Follow-Up To First (Again): Council Asked To Approve Spending One Million From Taxpayers' General Fund For Mayor/Mgr Controlled "Innovation Team" In Accepting Bloomberg Grant
LBPOA PAC Endorses Herlinda Chico In 4th Dist. Council Special Election
DA's Office Declines To Charge 80-Yr Old Long Beach (Los Cerritos) Homeowner, Victim Of July 2014 Burglary/Robbery/Assault, Who Fatally Shot Female Accomplice; DA's Narrative Includes Details Of What It Says Occurred
WLB Drive-By Shooting: Santa Fe/Columbia (South of Spring St.)
WLB has suffered at least seven shootings (incl. one murder) w/in eight months

LBFD First Thought It Was Fireworks, But It Was Live Ammo Going Off And (Later Learned) Inert WWII Shells In NLB Garage/Storage Sheds
Flames Doused; Neighbors Evacuated; Bomb Squad Finishes Job

LBFD photos by PIO/Firefighter Jake Heflin

Sic Transit: 106-Yr Old Octavio Orduño -- Long Beach Resident Believed To Be World's Oldest Cyclist -- Passes Away; See VIDEO of His Rides At 103 and 104, Hear AUDIO Remembrance By His Daughter

In Detail: Seeking State Taxpayer $1.5 Mil Anti-Gang Grant, City Hall Acknowledged LB Gang Membership Over Twice Statewide Average, Gang Related 2012 Murders Up 51%, Gang Shootings Up 18.9% Since 2011; Unmentioned: Mayor Advised/Council Approved Budgets Eliminating LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit
"My Sister's Keeper" grant will focus on female human trafficking it says funds gangs; grant requires 100% city match (cash/in kind package) from multiple sources recently approved by Council
SCE Outage Darkens Nearly 2,000 Customers In Parts of Belmont Shore, Naples, Peninsula Thurs Nite
Perspective: Can You Spot The Error (Corrected Now) In This PT Headline And Text? It Matters For LB Taxpayers On What City Hall Does Or Doesn't Do In DC
Council Casts First (Of Two Req'd) Votes To Triple Amts LB Incumbents Can Solicit, Amass And Disburse Annually As "Officeholder" Sums (Increased To $30k/Yr For Councilmembers, $75k/Yr For Mayor + Citywide Electeds)
Price, Austin and Mungo dissent, favored doubling but not tripling current amounts
Council votes 7-0 (Price absent) to approve all four contracts. City Mgm't Asks Council To Approve Spending $1.25+ Million For Four Outside Services Contracts To Do These Things; One Contract Seeks $216k As Part Of Civic Center Project
Council votes 8-0 to approve. Aquarium Seeks Council OK To Reduce LB Gas Dept. Surcharge For Fuel Cell/Electricity Generating Project; LB Gas Dept. Mgm't Seeks Authority To Enable Similar Size Reductions -- Or Increases -- On Others
Councilmembers Invite City Prosecutor To Report On "John's Exposed" (Anti-Prostitution) Program UPDATE: Laundry Room Coin Theft Suspect Turns Himself In
LBFD Dawn Update From the Scene; Hof's Hut in Bixby Knolls Hit By Fires Sunday Nite and Monday Predawn

Photo courtesy Stephen Russo
Next LB Councilmember Will Be Daryl Supernaw, Herlinda Chico Or Richard Lindemann In April 2015 No-Runoff Special Election To Fill O'Donnell-Vacated 4th Dist. Seat
Now, It's Murder: LB's First Fatal Shooting Of 2015 Is In 4th Council District, Area 10th St./Raymond Ave. (East of Cherry b/w 7th St-Anaheim St.)
Victim Succumbs After He's Shot Roughly Two Hours After Mayor Garcia Says In "State of the City" Message That Violent Crime Is At Lowest Levels In 40 Yrs And Public Safety Progress "Can Be Seen In Every Neighborhood"

Shootings fatal and non-fatal cumulated from Jan 1., 2014; map excludes NLB
Subsequent development above:
See VIDEO/PIX And LBPD Asks: Do You Recognize This Suspect In Laundry Room Coin Theft Burglaries?
Detailed Coverage / As Carried LIVE with ON-DEMAND AUDIO NOW: Planning Comm'n Votes 4-0 NOT To Recommend Reduced Req'ts For Mailing Notices of Hearings On Proposed Projects, Declines To Back -- For Now -- Vaguely-Worded But Substantively Significant Changes (Sent By Council In Roughly 30-Second Item)
Staff Will Now Gather Info On How LB Residents Learn Of Upcoming Hearings And Report Info Back; Action Follows Stiff And Unanimous Opposition From Residents Of Multiple Neighborhoods Across City (Incl. Retired Councilwoman Gabelich)
Celebration of Billie Sheaffer's Giving Life Scheduled Jan. 17, 11:30 a.m., @ The Grand; Billie Sheaffer: A Friend To El Dorado Park, To Birds...And To Me
Remembrance by Ann Cantrell
No Explosive Device Found: Suspicious device in a vehicle at LBCC ELB campus "rendered safe" by LA County Bomb Squad...and was determined not to be an explosive device. For about two hours (starting in the 10 a.m. hour), LBCC buildings P, N, A were evacuated. again: situation is resolved, all clear.

Photo during incident via Twitter

Photo during incident by Charlie McGrail

Community Event / Support: Donations (Multiple Items And Especially Corp. Sponsors) Sought For 5th Annual Chrissy Strong-Marshall Tournament With Proceeds Benefiting Nat'l Law Enforcement Cancer Support Foundation
Subsequent development above:
City Staff Wants Planning Comm'n To Recommend Council Cut By More Than Half Area For Property Owners To Receive Mailed Notice of Hearings On Proposed Projects, Eliminate Mailed Notices Entirely For Tenants, Reduce Time Period For Notices And Shrink Posted Sizes
Staff says it would reduce mailing costs and accelerate project timelines, says City would increase "outreach" on projects via "e-notify" and social media
New / AUDIO: HEAR 16 Yr Old Long Beach Resident Who Freed Woman Whose Car Flew Off 6th St. Onramp to 710, Plunged 50 Feet And Ended Up Upside Down
Subsequent development: The victim in this shooting succumbed to his wounds. Update at this link.
Man Is Shot, Area 10th St./Raymond Ave. (East of Cherry b/w 7th St-Anaheim St.), Taken To Hospital In Critical Condition
Shooting in western part of 4th Council district comes roughly two hours after Mayor Garcia's State of the City message

Photo via reader
As carried LIVE / On-Demand VIDEO Now: Mayor Garcia Delivers His 2015 State of the City Message; See Full Text

Screen save: Event video stream
Health Advisory: Long Beach City Health Officer Says If You Were At These Four ELB Locations Jan. 3 b/w 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., You May Have Been Exposed To Measles From An Infectious LB Resident; Here's What To Do Now
LB case is part of outbreak in multiple CA and UT counties associated with people who were at Disneyland b/w Dec. 16-20
Carbon Monoxide May Have Killed Three People In Central LB Apt. Unit, Area 1100 block Gardenia
Predawn Gunfire, Alley 900 block Pacific Ave.; Police Say There's Evidence Of Gunfire...But No Victim Found

Four People Shot Within Less Than 90 Minutes In Two Double Shootings Sunday: 14th St./Raymond (4th dist.) And 900 block Daisy Ave, (1st district)
Occurs less than 24 hours after local pols declare start of "peace week" leading up to MLK Day parade

LBPD Issues Release w/ Add'l Details And Photos of LBPD Vehicle's Bullet-Scarred Windshield And Handgun In Suspect Vehicle; Two LBPD Predawn Exchanges of Gunfire With Suspect Plus Pursuit From ELB to San Pedro; Suspect's Five Month Old Child Was In His Vehicle
No Persons Hit By Gunfire; Child Is Unharmed; Suspect In Custody; One Officer Injured (Flying Glass From Gunfire)

LBPD released photos
First (Again) on / In Detail / With Perspective: Mayor Garcia's Office Was Told But Didn't Tell Public Or Press That Bloomberg Philanthropies' $3 Mil "Innovation Delivery" Grant Will Require Roughly 1:3 Local Match (Approx $1 Mil); See More Of What His Office Told Bloomberg But Didn't Tell Long Beach
Did You See This Car In Or Around NLB On July 4th? LBPD Asks You To Help Them Crack a NLB Murder Case

LBPD released photos

Some Significant Data Absent From City Hall Released Preliminary Crime Stats
Long Beach City Hall Says "Efforts Underway" (But No Deployment Date Mentioned) For LBPD To Implement A Body Camera Pilot Program; Announcement Follows LAPD, LA County Sheriff And Other Departments' Use/Tests Of Body Cam Technology
Nordstrom Rack, Which Exited Downtown Long Beach In 2014, To Open Location In SE LB Marina Pacifica Center In Fall 2015
Reminder: If You Have City Refuse Service, Put Your Xmas Tree Out On Saturday Jan. 10 by 7 a.m. And City Will Pick It Up Free
Sic Transit: Ron McMullen, Drummer for Long Beach 60's Surf Group "The Pyramids," Passes; Group Had Nat'l Hit With Instrumental "Penetration"
This Specialized Type Of Bread Sold At One LB Market (And Others in OC) Linked To Food Illness, OC Health Care Agency Says
Council's Fed'l Legislation Committee Recommends Council Approval Of Fed'l Legislation That Would Require Covering Petroleum Coke Products -- And (Per Mungo Amendment) Also Other Pollutants -- During Transport
Without Questions or Discussion Prior To Vote, Council Approves Mayor Garcia's Nominees For Purely Advisory "Innovation & Technology Commission," Newly Created City Hall Entity Will Now Begin Tapping $100,000 This Year And Next TFN
$25,000 Reward Offered For Info Leading To Arrest & Conviction Of Person(s) Involved In Death Of 3 Wk Old Eliza Delacruz; LBPD Urges People To Come Forward With Info, Believes Someone May Have Witnessed Something Or Has Knowledge Not Shared, Says Info Can Be Provided Anonymously
Gunfire Early Evening Monday in South Wrigley

See City Mgm't Memo Acknowledging Citywide Gen'l Fund [Provides Police, Fire, Parks, Libraries] Could Be "Adversely Affected By Several Million Dollars" From Oil Price Drop (Which Began Months Earlier); Multiple Tidelands Projects Also Affected, Mgm't Proposes Prioritizing Projects
Subsequent development above
City Mgr. Says Garcia-Sought Council-Created Purely Advisory "Innovation & Technology Commission" Will Cost LB Taxpayers $100,000 This Year And Next; Previous Fiscal Impact Report, Which Never Reached Full Council, Said Cost Would Be $142k-$221k Per Year; Mayor's Proposed Commission Appointees Agendized For Council Approval Today (Jan. 6)
Subsequent development above
Council's Fed'l Legislation Committee Today (Jan. 6) Will Consider City Staff Recommendation To Add To City's Fed'l Legislative Agenda Support For Fed'l Legislation Requiring Covering Petroleum Coke Products During Transport
Long Beach Police Chief Luna Strongly Urges Public: If You Know What Led To Kidnapping And Murder of 3 Wk Old Eliza Delacruz And/Or Shooting Of Her Mother, Father And Uncle -- Please Come Forward And Talk To Police; LBPD Will Be Working With Sketch Artist; If You Saw What Happened, Please Come Forward
Now, It's Murder: Three Week Old Baby Girl Found Dead In San Diego Area Dumpster After Her Mother, Her Father And Her Uncle Are Shot In NLB Residence. LBPD statement: "The suspect who committed these horrific crimes remains outstanding. No one has come forward with information and LBPD, again, urges anyone with information to call Long Beach Homicide Detectives Donald Goodman and Mark Mattia at (562) 570-7244. Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or text TIPLA plus your tip to 274637 (CRIMES), or visit Long Beach Police will continue to aggressively investigate and pursue any lead to locate the suspect. No motive for the heinous crimes has been determined."

VIDEO Coverage: Opponents of New CA Law Enabling Driver Licenses For Illegally-Entered Immigrants Voice Opposition At LB Office of Bill's Co-Author, State Senator Ricardo Lara
Speakers Include A Man Who Testified Against Bill After His 23 Yr Old Son Was Killed By Illegally-Entered Immigrant Driving Without A License

Perspective / Viewpoints

Editorial: For A Righteous Referendum...On Their Money, Our Elections And Our City

Editorial: Perverting Political Reform
Gerrie Schipske's New Blog: Click for latest:

Subsequent development at this link:
Editorial: Release the City's Application for the Bloomberg "Innovation Grant"
Opinion: Councilmembers Unwilling To Admit City Mistakes + Resistance To Green Engineering Doomed Natural Bluffs, Cost More And Needn't And Shouldn't Be Repeated
by Joe Geever *
Mr. Geever is the former California Water Policy Manager for Surfrider Foundation. He is now an independent environmental consultant, working with communities and non-profits on policy issues to protect our ocean, beaches and coast and advocated the use of biotechnical methods to stabilize and protect LB's bluffs.

Editorial: Sunny Zia's Sunshine -- Insisting On Openness/Transparency On Spending At LBCC -- Needed Now At LB City Hall
Editorial: Put Proposed Civic Center Transaction On The Ballot, Because...

Fifth in a Series: Memo to Councilmembers, cc'd to Taxpayers, re the Civic Center Proposal
by Terry Jensen

Amnesia File / Opinion: Jensen (Dec. 2011): Public Officials Shrugging Public Costs Of Project Labor Agreements

Special "Common Sense" Series by Terry Jensen

Opinion: Fourth in a Series: How Council Is Asked To Squander MILLIONS Annually In Civic Center Deal

Opinion: Third In A Series: Civic Center: An Open Letter to Councilmember Stacy Mungo and 5th District Residents (And Anyone Who Cares About Long Beach)
Opinion: Second in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" OR "Just Another Stupid And Expensive Idea"?
Opinion: First in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" Or The Biggest Boondoggle in Long Beach History?

Editorial: Council Study Session Should Welcome, Not Throttle, Thoughtful Financial Concerns And Constructive Civic Center Options On The Merits
Editorial: Mayor/Council Should Respect The Public By Respecting Its Rules On Council Meeting Start Time (Updated Text)
Subsequent development here: Action Editorial:
How To Take Action On Long Beach's Latest "Mystery Stink"

Vincenzo Cristiano and the Best Dish Washer Nino's Ever Had
by Terry Jesen

Editorial: A Poor Call On A Contagious Virus on Long Beach
Perspective: When LBPD Crime Stats Don't Match Community's Experience
Editorial: Do You Want This (A Continuing Series): Councilmembers Gonzalez, Uranga, Mungo Propose These Changes To LB Political Contribution Laws:
  • More Than Double (Councilmembers) Or Triple (Citywide Pols) Allowable Contributed "Officeholder" Slush Fund Totals
  • Allow Now-Banned Transfers Of Campaign Contribs To Other Politicians' Campaigns
  • Consider Creating "Legal Defense Fund"
    Ha! (New Periodic Feature): Council Vote Makes 7th dist. Budget Meeting Mockery...So Meeting Morphs

    Opinion: Let Them Drive Teslas
    By Jon Coupal
    President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Ass'n

    Opinion: Here's A List of Top Reasons Why Park Patrol Program Doesn't Work
    by Claudia Schou *
    Ms. Schou is a Bluff Park resident and advocate for public safety at city parks

    Editorial: City Mgm't Memo On Park Ranger Pgm Materializes At Midmorning, See It Here: [Previous] In the Dark: Here's What Public Sees Saw On Restoring Park Rangers



    Opinion: What Fire Chief Says Isn't What I'm Hearing About "Monomedic" Paramedic System
    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Editorial: A Potential Ray Of Hope On Public Safety
    Editorial: Past Precedent, Present Excuses And Public Safety
    Opinion: New Council Needs To Do Its Homework, Ask Tough Questions And Repair Damages Done To Long Beach's Fire And Paramedic Service

    by Les Robbins
    Mr. Robbins represented LB's 5th Council district from 1988-1998. Photo above by Mr. Robbins

    Opinion: Mayor and Council Records Shouldn't Be Destroyed
    By Retired Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

    Editorial: Wear This At Tues (Aug. 5) "Nat'l Nite Out" (These Locations)
    Editorial: Wear This At Upcoming Events And Send A Worthy Message
    Editorial: Don't Resuscitate Deceased Economic Development Bureau(crats)
    Editorial: Respecting Diversity
    Editorial: Transparency, Disclosure Deserved For Inaugural Dollars
    Editorial: More Trees ≠ More Cops
    Opinion/Perspective: Mayor Bob Foster In Balance: Espoused Sensible Principles But In Our View Left Long Beach Worse Than He Found It In Key Areas; New Council Majority Should Reject Notion That Long Beach Can't Deliver Taxpayer Services At Levels Other Cities Do
    Editorial: An "Inaugural" Fit For Kings
    Editorial: Check/Balance Civics Lesson From Stymied Mayoral Attempt To Usurp Council Power
    Editorial: How To Pay For A World Class Belmont Plaza Pool
    Editorial: Inviting Uncontrollable Impacts At LB Airport
    Opinion: City Mgm't Position On Civic Center Rebuild Understates Future Taxpayer Costs, Gives No Basis For Current Claimed Costs, Fails To Offer Obvious Alternative, Unwisely Rushes Council Decision With Long-Term Public Consequences
    by Retired City Attorney Jim McCabe
    Includes city management response
    Editorial: Unfinished Business
    Opinion: The Election: How To Spend Big And Lose Big
    Editorial: Unaffordable
    Opinion: Irrational Decision Making Merits No Vote From Me
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    The Night Long Beach Ran Out of Cops: Are You Better Off Now Than You Were Eight Years Ago?
    Opinion: What Is City Mgm't Trying To Hide From Council And Taxpayers On New Civic Center, And Why Are They Hiding It?
    Common Sense by Terry Jensen

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  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    With Perspective: L.A. Planning Director LoGrande Gracefully Withdraws His Name From Consideration For LB Planning Commission For Now, Notes L.A./LB City Att'ys Still Wrestling With Legal Issues; Mayor Garcia Doesn't Mention This In Reappointing Incumbent Planning Commissioner Christoffels And These Others
    2014 Long Beach Murders End Up Lowest On Record But Disproportionately Impact Parts of Central and North LB
    Callers Reported Gunfire, Fireworks & Loud Parties On New Year's Eve...But No Reports Of Any Person(s), Vehicles Or Homes Hit, LBPD Says
    For the Record / Amnesia File: Want Higher Gasoline Prices? We List Names Of Sac'to Lawmakers Who Voted In Aug. 2006 For/Against Greenhouse Gas "Cap And Trade" Bill (AB 32) Expected To Raise Consumer Gasoline Prices By Unknown Amount Effective Jan. 1, 2015
    Homicide Detectives Say Recent Tips Indicate Two June/July 2014 NLB Murders Are Related; Police Ask Witnesses To Come Forward With Info To Help Solve These Crimes
    Frosty Fri a.m. Predicted
    L.A. County Sheriff's Deputies Shoot/Kill Armed Woman In Compton; Say They Arrived To Find Her Pointing Gun At A Man And She Allegedly Refused Commands To Drop Weapon, Learn Later She'd Already Fired A Round At Him
    LASD Says Couple Had Children Together
    3.9 Mag Quake In Catalina Channel, Sharp Jolt But Not Terribly Strong in LB

    USGS image
    Missing Teen Safely Reunited With Family
    New Year's Day/Weekend LB City Services Schedule
    Man Is Shot, Area 20th/Myrtle Ave.

    Opponents of Statewide Plastic Bag Ban Say They'll Submit 800,000+ Signatures (504,760 Needed) To Trigger Statewide Vote On Sac'to Measure, Would Automatically Suspend Statewide Law Now Until Nov. 2016 Vote
    LB Council-enacted plastic bag ban won't be affected, but Lakewood and Signal Hill shoppers could continue receiving plastic bags
    With Perspective: 2014 Long Beach Murders May End Up Lowest On Record But Disproportionately Impact Parts of Central and North LB
    Albertsons @ Palo Verde/Spring Will Become A Haggen. What's That?
    As seen LIVE, Now ON-DEMAND: Funeral for NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos, Fatally Shot Along With PD Partner Officer Weijian Liu

    Above: Officers salute as Officer Ramos' casket is brought outside following the service. Below, multiple officers turn their backs as NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio speaks inside.

    Screen saves via NBC News video stream

    Int'l Space Station Orbited Nearly Directly Over Long Beach Between 5:47-5:53 p.m.; Beautiful Clear Sky View

    Image via
    Remembered: Obituary and Arrangements for Central LB Murder Victim Robert Lee Hollie, Jr.
    Christmas Night Collision 2nd St./Ravenna Involves Vehicle and Pedestrian; Pedestrian Is Critically Injured
    Long Beach Christmas, 2014: Neighborhood kidlets test drive new scooters

    Man Shot Tues Nite (Dec. 23) In NW North Long Beach

    Advisory: List of City Services That Will/Won't Be Available During Xmas-New Year Period
    Predawn Pursuit (Dec. 23) Brings LASD Deputies Into ELB, Suspect In Custody
    Port Employers Call For Mediation In Seven-Month Contract Talks w/ ILWU; 160+ Trade/Industry Groups Write President Obama Seeking Mediator (See Their Letter); ILWU Says It'll Take Time To Review Mediation Proposal And Others From Employers
    Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: Stocking Stuffer Tip
    by Matt Fleischmann
    Mr. Fleischmann owns/operates Diversified Threat Management, a private security firm offering security assessments, patrols and security services to neighborhood groups, business groups and Business Improvement Districts

    Updated Advisory: City ENDS Closure Of Alamitos Bay Re Water Contact After Sewer Line Break Near Ravenna Drive Bridge, Over Half Contained But About 5,250 Gallons Got Into Alamitos Bay

    Ravenna Bridge To Close From Dec. 23-Jan. 1 For Sewer Main Repair
    FBI IDs By Name, Seeks Public's Help In Learning Whereabouts Of This Suspect In Robbery Of BK Chase Bank + 2 Burbank Banks (Most Recent Dec. 22) + 3 Attempted Bank Robberies, Total Of Six Bank Robberies/Attempted Robberies Since Dec. 13

    Suspect Cross. FBI released photo
    Armed Home Invasion Robbery, 1700 block Redondo Ave. (just south of PCH)
    SCE Outage Darkened 1,084 Customers In Parts of Cal Hts/Signal Hill Sun Night, Most Restored By About 9:30 But About 200+ Dark Till Shortly Before Dawn Monday
    LB Police Officers Ass'n President Lt. Steve James Says "Well Said" To These Words By President of Fraternal Order of Police After Murder of Two NYC Police Officers
    VIDEO: L.A. County Fire Engine Happens To Spot ELB Garage Fire (Palo Verde/Willow), Begins Pouring Water Before LBFD Engine 22 Arrives

    Screen save from Thos. Sutfin video
    Woman Walking Thru Los Altos Shopping Center Parking Lot (2100 block Bellflower Blvd.) Has Purse Snatched By Man On Bike; Good Samaritan Gives Chase, Suspect Drops Purse And Police Find & Arrest Suspect
    Christmas Treats

    Better Balance for Long Beach Brings Better Christmas To Multiple Families With Award Winning "One Day Christmas Store -- Shopping With Dignity"

    Heartwarming Event With Homegrown Long Beach Roots: LB Firefighters w/ Police and Multiple Volunteers Deliver "Spark of Love" Donated Christmas Gifts To LB Families Who've Had Especially Tough Year

    From Last Week: Enjoy It Again on VIDEO: See/Hear Long Beach's 61st Annual Daisy Ave. Christmas Parade

    See Pix Showing Suspect In Bixby Knolls Chase Bank Robbery (3901 Atlantic Ave.), FBI Says He Allegedly Threatened To Kill Teller, Believes He's Same Suspect Who Robbed Burbank Bank Days Earlier (See Pix)

    Long Beach Man Convicted Of Sexual Assault
    VIDEO: See/Hear It: Emotion-Packed, Digitally-Propelled Event Sends Heartfelt Wishes, Prayers Seeking Speedy Recovery For Retired LBPD Detective/Former LBLGP President Kim Maddox

    City Clerk Says, Council OKs, $200k For Special Election To Fill O'Donnell-Vacated 4th District Council Seat
    Council Votes 6-0 (Motion By Price, Seconded by Mungo) To Resume Using Sprayed Concrete ("ShotCrete") On Bluff Erosion/Stabilization Project To Conclusion
    Councilwoman Price Withdraws Her Agendized Item Seeking Fiscal Impact Of Citywide Construction Contract Project Labor Agreement
    Says City Staff Will Provide Its Fiscal Impact Before Contract Returns To Council For Approval And Council Will Have About 30 Days To Discuss Fiscal Impact Before Council Vote
    New / Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: Disposing of Sensitive Information
    by Matt Fleischmann
    Mr. Fleischmann owns/operates Diversified Threat Management, a private security firm offering security assessments, patrols and security services to neighborhood groups, business groups and Business Improvement Districts

    Long Beach Main Library To Launch New Services Designed For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

    by Joe Segura
    Special to

    Victim In Sunday's Fatal Drive-By Shooting (1100 block E. PCH) Was Nephew To Now-Former Chair Of City Hall's Now-Former Youth & Gang Violence Prevention Task Force, Lydia Hollie
    Sunday Midafternoon Murder; Fatal Drive By Shooting 1100 block E. PCH (Area Lemon Ave. b/w Orange and Atlantic Aves.)

    Subsequent development above:
    Council To Decide Dec. 16 Whether To Continue Sprayed Concrete Or Choose Biotechnical Means To Deal With Bluff Erosion
    Awful News: 20 Yr Old Woman Previously Declared Missing Is Found Deceased In Her Vehicle Submerged in ELB Los Cerritos Channel; LBPD Believes An Accident
    Man Reports He Was Assaulted By Suspects Who Attempted To Rob Him, And Was Stabbed, About 2 a.m. Area Cherry Ave./Del Amo Blvd.
    City Hall-Hired SEADIP (SE LB Zoning) Consultants' Analysis Includes Possible Increased Density/Allowable Bldg. Heights In Mixed Use Core, Possible Extension of Studebaker Rd. Across Wetlands, Discussed At Final Advisory Committee Meeting; Controversy Flares, Issues Now Advance To City Hall For Actions
    by Joe Mello, Community Correspondent
    Rocket Launch From Vandenberg AFB Clearly Visible in Long Beach (180 Miles Away)

    5500 block of Wardlow Rd (b/w Bellflower Blvd/Woodruff Ave.) Becomes Free Candlelight Christmas Pageant -- "Portraits of the Prince of Peace" -- Dec. 12, 13 & 14, 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

    Photos by Diana Lejins
    Subsequent coverage above:
    Dec 13 Is Daisy Ave. Christmas Tree Lane Parade, 5:00-7:00 p.m.; Public Citywide Invited To Wrigley's Unique Christmas Parade Along Neighborhood Street, Not Commercial Route

    Multiple Photos + Storm Data: ELB Balcony Facade Collapses, Trees Downed, Storm Debris Follows Predawn Downpour Dec. 12

    Los Coyotes Diagona @ Woodruff. Photo courtesy Brian Kucera

    ELB area Monlaco/Studebaker. Photo courtesy Charlie McGrail

    Area Burnett/San Francisco-Golden. Photo via Wrigley Neighborhood Group Facebook page
    Long Beach Falls to 7th in State Population (Latest Update from CA Dept. of Finance)
    As seen LIVE / Extended On-Demand AUDIO: Council Votes 8-0 To Pursue Civic Center Rebuild In "Public Private Partnership" Transaction (Private Entity To Finance/Design/Build/Operate/Maintain Civic Center For 40 Yrs, City To Pay $12.6 Mil Annually + CPI + Give Up Public Land Under Former LB Courthouse For Pvt Development
  • In Q & A, city staff acknowledges transaction will create add'l General Fund costs requiring annual [unspecified] budget "adjustments"
  • City staff calls Columbia University Master of Science thesis recommending retrofit interesting but without sufficient detail and sources to evaluate
  • DLBA, CVB, Library Foundation, downtown residents, union reps support transaction; some speakers pointedly oppose it; Councilwoman Price calls some criticism "completely misinformed opinion" and says proposal was "very transparent"
    Security Tip of the Week: VIDEO: Leaving Home for the Holidays
    by Matt Fleischmann
    Mr. Fleischmann owns/operates Diversified Threat Management, a private security firm offering security assessments, patrols and security services to neighborhood groups, business groups and Business Improvement Districts

    Two Year Timeline To Retrofit City Hall Is Reasonable Says Columbia U Master of Science Grad Student Whose Thesis Recommends Retrofit; City Mgm't "Public Private Partnership" Timeline Anticipates Occupancy Under Civic Center Rebuild (If All Milestones Met) In Late 2019
    City Hall seismic issues, and city management estimated retrofit costs (nearly $200 mil) were its justification for pursuing entire Civic Center rebuild; three independent sources now estimate City Hall retrofit costs roughly between $30-$50 million
    In Proposed Civic Center Agenda Item, Management Seeks Council Authority -- Without Further Council Or Public Discussion -- To Seek Changes in State Law, Sign Contracts Not Publicly Seen Until After They're Binding
    AUDIO: There's Now THIRD Estimate (Second From Professionals) That Long Beach City Hall Retrofit Ought To Cost Roughly $30-$50 Million; City Has Sought No Marketplace Bids, Council Has Let City Mgm't Proffer Its Own $190+ Mil Estimate As Cost Basis To Pursue Entire Civic Center Rebuild; AUDIO: HEAR Columbia U Master of Science Thesis Author Explain Her Less Costly Retrofit Option
    Council To Vote Dec. 9 On Whether To Authorize Mgm't To Negotiate/Enter Into Binding Contract With Private Firm To Finance/Build/Operate/Maintain New Civic Center
    Mgm't recommends Plenary Edgemoor Civic Partners; seeks Council authority to spend up to $3.2 million more for consulting firm + up to nearly $2 million for outside legal services
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