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Developing: In the 11 a.m. hour, LB Vice Mayor Suja Lowenthal issued a release indicating that she and Councilmembers Lena Gonzalez, Dee Andrews, and Rex Richardson are agendizing an item for the Aug. 11 City Council meeting that [Lowenthal release text] "would direct the City Manager to request the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) to study the potential impact of a minimum wage for Long Beach, and possible incentives for businesses and non-profit organizations. In addition, the legislation asks the City's Economic Development Commission to also provide input and feedback on possible minimum wage increases and or business incentives. The LAEDC completed and published a report to the LA County Board of Supervisors in June." is waiting to see the actual agenda item )instead of reporting it solely on a release text) and we've requested a copy from Vice Mayor Lowenthal's office. Details coming on
New: Man Is Shot Early Sunday Nite, 5400 block Paramount Blvd.

New / In Detail / Perspective: See Contributions To Officeholder Accounts For Councilmembers and Mayor With Now Tripled Allowable Totals, And On What The Incumbents Spent It, In First Half of 2015

New: Councilwoman Mungo, Who Riled Many Residents On LB Airport, Received Officeholder Contributions Jan-June 2015 From Family/Employees Of Gen'l Aviation Facility Operator, Also Sums From Local Lobbyist for JetBlue

New: LBPD Police Activity Aug. 1 (Area Anaheim/Ohio) Was Apprehending A Person Wanted With A Warrant In Connection With A Homicide; An Officer Recognized The Suspect Who Fled A Traffic Stop; PD Set Up Perimeter, Takes Suspect Into Custody With No Persons Injured


Updated / New Information Added: Fiery Multi-Vehicle Desmond Bridge Crash That Left One Man Dead, Two Men (Including Suspect Driver) In Critical Condition Was Preceded By Suspect Vehicle Observed Driving Erratically, Crashing Thru Barricades In Area of Special Olympics Events; LBPD Attempted to Follow It Thru Downtown Bike Path But Lost Sight Of It
An officer sustains injuries (described as minor) as he tried to extricate mortally injured driver

Photo by Karen Scioscia, a North Carolina professional journalist vacationing in Long Beach.

Did You See It?: Long Beach (LA & OC) Got Nice View of Int'l Space Station Sat Night

Image via
SCE Inspected Nearly 300 Underground Vaults In Downtown LB (Outage Stubbornly Persists For About 200 People); No Cause(s) Announced By SCE or City For Either Of Two Outages
Second Downtown (And Beyond) SCE Power Outage Lasted About Three Hours For Approx. 30,000 SCE Customers (Accounts, Persons Affected Likely Several Times More) Triggering Swift City Response
Facebook Group Seeks Stronger City Action Against Coyotes; City's Animal Care Services Has Issued Online Safety Tips, Distributed Fliers And Months Ago Prepared Detailed Draft Coyote Management Plan (See Text); Councilwoman Mungo Plans Aug. 11 Council Item With Substance Not Yet Officially Disclosed

Enjoy Wetlands Up-Close Sat a.m. On "Turtle Trek"

If Council Approves City Mgm't/Mayor Proposed Budget As Is, In One Year From Now City Mgm't Expects Deficit (Spending Exceeding Revenue) Of $7+ Mil Plus Nearly $8 Mil More A Year Later. We Ask Mayor's Office About This And It Says...
Re Wrigley Murder/Suicide: LBPD Says Step-Father Fatally Shot His Step-Daughter, Then Himself
Jeannine Pearce -- Among Leadership of LB Coalition for Good Jobs/Healthy Community -- Enters 2nd Dist. Council Race; She's Second Candidate To Surface In 2016 Election To Succeed Incumbent Suja Lowenthal
Details / Perspective / EXTENDED VIDEO: City Mgr's Proposed FY16 City Hall Budget Released By Mayor Garcia With His Recommendations; See Details, Links To Official Docs
Some noteworthy additions but mainly status quo; Mayor's recommendations make scant mention of approaching FY17 projected deficit (spending exceeding expected revenue one year from today (proposed spending cuts? proposed changes in how LB delivers services? proposed tax increase ballot measure in 2016?)
Sharp Eyed ELB Cop Spots Midnight Hour Comm'l Burglary in Progress, Clark/Willow, Chases Suspect On Foot, Takes Him Into Custody, Radios Description Of A Suspect Vehicle Seen Fleeing That Scene, LBPD Locates It And Takes Its Driver Into Custody...And Investigation Is Ongoing
Carl Kemp -- Government Affairs Specialist Knowledgable In Maritime Matters -- Is Heading To DC, Named Senior Legislative Public Affairs Specialist To Federal Maritime Comm'n Chair Mario Cordero
Sic Transit: Retired Long Beach Police Chief Jerome Lance Passes
He Proposed LBPD Budget Plan Under Mayor O'Neill (2002) That Would Bolster Police Levels (Officers Added For Taxpayers Then Are Now Virtually Entirely Gone); Spoke Emotionally Directly to Community In Describing Fatal Police Shooting of Marcella Byrd
NAACP Aug 18 meeting

Detailed Coverage / Includes Perspective: SCAG (Regional Planning Entity Without Aviation Regulatory Power) Offers A Draft 2040 Estimate Of Demand For Multiple Area Airports, Claims Long Beach Could Handle 5 Mil Passengers/Yr. (Roughly Double Current Level)...And 6.6 Mil If City Lost Its Airport Ordinance Protecting City And Surrounding Areas From Unlimited Flights
Agency has history of overestimates, draft estimates applied pro-industry/development premise that all airport activity growth is good, failed to include pollution/traffic/infrastructure burdens/costs that LB area carries from adjacent twin Ports
Extended VIDEO Coverage: See It/Hear It: Police Chief Luna At 3rd dist. Community Meeting On Crime Trends, Suspected Relationship b/w Increased Crime And State Law Changes (Prop 47 & AB109 "Realignment")...And More...Click Here.

Belmont Shore Parking Advisory Comm'n Delays Recommendation on Six-Figure Parking Study, Doesn't Recommend Appraisal Or Feasibility Study re Potential Purchase "Roe" Property For Automated Parking Structure
Follow-Up: For the Record: L.A. County Spokesperson Says Councilmember Stacy Mungo's Current Job Position With L.A. County Is This With These Duties
As Seen LIVE: House Approves Bill Denying Fed'l Funds To Cities/Counties That Prohibit Their Officials From Cooperating With Feds In Enforcing Fed'l Immigration Laws ("Sanctuary Cities")
As seen LIVE: House Approves Bill Blocking States From Requiring Mandatory Labeling Of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO foods); Local Congressmembers Lowenthal, Hahn and Sanchez Vote "No"
Detailed Coverage / In Depth: State Senate Votes 37-0 To Send Enabler Bill (SB 562) For New LB Civic Center To Governor, Extends Allowable City Taxpayer Payments To Private Developer-Operator To Up To 50 Years; Obtains Internal Docs Showing How City Hall Portrayed Issue And Got What It Wanted Without Opposition From Dems Or Repubs
City Hall's Mgr. of Gov't Relations, Diana Tang, Displayed Detail-Oriented, Skilled Advocacy
Coastal Comm'n Staffer Indicates Agency Now Asserts Regulatory, Permit-Granting Authority Over Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing ("Fracking") Off Long Beach Shoreline, KPCC/89.3 Says
Extended On-Demand VIDEO: Attorneys For Family Of CSULB-Bound Feras Morad File Claim, Lawsuit to Follow, Over Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting; Familymembers Speak, Attorneys Level Charges
During Q & A, reporter asks about alleged [thus far undenied] ingestion by Mr. Morad of drug/hallucinogenic substance preceding LBPD encounter, and attorney responds

Council Votes 8-1 (Gonzalez dissenting) To Impose "First Responder Fee" of $250 Per LBFD Medical Response
Mgm't Says Fee Won't Restore Fire Services Or Provide Add'l Services For Taxpayers In FY16, Gives No Guarantee For FY17; Despite Fire-Dept. Related Label, Fee Is General Fund Revenue That Could Be Spent As Council Desires
City Mgm't (via LBFD Chief) Seeks Council Approval To Impose New "First Responder Fee": $250 Per Call (In Add'n To Current Ambulance Fees If Transported), Schedules Enacting Vote At July 21 Council Meeting

July 21 Second Alarm Fire, 1400 block Atlantic (SEE VIDEO) Didn't Get Response From Engine 101 (100 Magnolia) Because Council Cut It And Hasn't Restored It; Units Drawn From Other LB Neighborhoods, While Eastside Stations 8, 17 and 18 Also Left Without Fire Engines; Proposed "First Responder Fee" ($250 Per Call) Wouldn't Change Status Quo Until, At Earliest, FY 2017 Unless Council Allocates Other Sums Earlier
Will CA Insurers Pay A LB City Imposed "First Responder Fee?" "Covered California" (State Insurance Exchange Under ObamaCare) Tells Us This
If You Have Other Insurers, Result May Be Different
LB Firefighters Ass'n Leadership Signals (1) It Won't Oppose LBFD Mgm't Request For "First Responder Fee"; (2) Says Dept. Is Drowning And In Need Of Resources And Can't Withstand Further Cuts; (3) Notes It Has Opposed Previous "Proportional Budget Reductions" And Says There Are A Number Of Ways A Council Majority Could Provide Funding And Fee Is The Fire Chief's Choice
Airport Director Outlines Mgm't Plan After Council Majority (6-3) Authorizes Work To Determine Feasibility, Financial or Otherwise, Of Customs Facility (Int'l Flights) at LB Airport: Issue RFQ, Hire Firms To Do Report, Bring to Council In Approx. Jan-Feb. '16
Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Mum In Her Monthly "Neighborly News" Email Re Her Motion That Authorizes Mgm't To Do Work To Determine "Feasibility" Of Int'l Flights at LB Airport
Her digital newsletter does cite her vote opposing Council resolution declaring "meatless Mondays"
Vons / Pavilions Recalls These Three Safeway-Kitchens Brand Frozen Chicken Items
Here's How To File A Claim For Reimbursement With SCE If Your Food Or Other Items Spoiled In Downtown Outage
With VIDEO & Photos: Recap Of 54 Power Outage Hours Impacting Estimated 10,000+ Long Beach Residents As Power Is Restored To About [UPDATE] 90%+ Of Downtown Area; See ON-DEMAND VIDEO of Friday Night (July 17) News Briefing
SCE hasn't publicly announced cause; costs to City still being tallied

July 15 photo above shortly before 6 p.m. by Diana Lejins

July 15, 8:50 p.m., view from Ocean/Linden looking north. Photo above by Elizabeth Mahoney
Teen Shot Overnight, 1300 block E. Anaheim St. Near MacArthur Park; Fourth Shooting (Incl. A Murder) In 6th Dist. In Eight Days

Quick Thinking LB Police Officer Patrolling Power Outage Area in Predawn Hours Uses All Of His Physical Strength To Pry Open Security Bars, Helps Man and Woman Exit Blazing Apartment Unit In Part Of Area Darkened by Protracted SCE Power Outage

Perspective / Viewpoints

Opinion / VIDEO: Nobel Prize Winning Economist / Professor Milton Friedman On The Minimum Wage

Opinion / Common Sense: Mungo's Mangled Facts Misstating Airport History, Shrugging Constituents' Concerns, May Mean Short Council Reign
by Terry Jensen

Editorial: Will Assemblyman O'Donnell Carry City Hall Water Or Speak Up For LB Taxpayers In Sac'to On Awful Civic Center Enabler Bill?
Editorial: Advice About Fireworks And Police That Mayor Garcia Doesn't Want To Hear...But Should
Editorial: Kudos: LB Public Works Director Reveals New Shoemaker Bridge WON'T Have Its Supports Inside L.A. River Channel; It Will SPAN L.A. River, Apparently Including Cables, Avoiding Major Issue In Leaving Old Shoemaker Bridge Up For New Park
Opinion: For Naples Canal Property Owners, Much Is Given But Little Or Nothing Is Expected
by Jim McCabe, retired LB Deputy City Attorney
Subsequent coverage coming:
Caution Needed On Contract Coming To Council Tonite: Saving L.A. River Bridge To Create Park Is Clever, But Guarantees Needed -- And Overdue -- That It Won't Trigger Costly, Mandatory "Flood Insurance" On Homeowners In LB And Beyond
Editorial: Inviting And Welcoming, Not Discouraging And Demeaning, Residents Who Cite Pesky Facts And Pesky Laws In Public Matters
Real Police (Fire & Core Services), Not Meat Police: Our Mighty Meaty Monday Meetup Manifesto
Editorial: A Long Beach Lawless Shrug: Snubbing A Long Beach Gay Rights Pioneer
Opinion: Sac'to Senate Republicans Join Lemming Run Toward Costly New Long Beach Civic Center
by Terry Jensen

Via New Technology Facilitates Transparency, Openness in CA State Govt.
by Katy Grimes
Gerrie Schipske's New Blog: Click for latest:

Perspective Via Sen. Elizabeth Warren Tells Pres. Obama To Put Up Or Shut Up On Trade
Includes Publisher's Perspective: Gunman Robs Belmont Shore Fundraiser For Victims Of Bluff Park Fire; [Publisher's Perspective] Latest Outrage Took Place In Council District Of Public Safety Committee Chair Suzie Price Whose Record -- With Her Council Colleagues -- Includes These Votes And Actions
Editorial: Daryl Defeated Goliath...And Goliath Helped Defeat Goliath
Editorial: Chico Campaign Insults Voters Of Both Genders With Sexist Appeal For Votes
Stop The Costly Project Labor Agreement, See Evidence Cited In 2011 "Common Sense" Essay
by Terry Jensen

LB Airport Expects Summertime Revenue Decline Mainly From JetBlue Schedule Changes, Which Won't Affect Police, Fire, Parks, Libraries, Infrastructure Funding For Taxpayers Citywide, And That's Important Because...
Editorial: PressTelegram Marks Start Of "Sunshine Week" By Failing To Report Long Beach City Hall Action (And Inaction) Blocking Greater Transparency
Editorial: Hillary Redux: Long Beach Mayor/Council Tout And Talk But Mock And Block Email Transparency
Taking A Leak (LBCC)
Parks & Rec Comm'n Should Address Issues And Set Policy On Proposed Use Of "Crumb Rubber" For Synthetic Turf Soccer Fields Citywide
Opinion: Keep Belmont Plaza Park
by Susan Miller

Editorial: Facts That Matter On Our Airport
Opinion: Council And Mayor Should Start Discussing Increase To Minimum Wage In Long Beach
by Jim McCabe
Council votes 8-0 to approve item allocating $1 Mil to accept Bloomberg "Innovation Grant" Editorial: Council Should Withhold Approving $1 Mil For Bloomberg "Innovation Grant" UNTIL Mayor/Mgm't Provide Transparency, Openness And Oversight Guarantees And Explain How $1 Mil Spent Will Produce $1 Mil In Taxpayer Savings/Revenue
One week delay is sensible, along with Council reproval of city releases that initially hid $1 mil cost.
For A Righteous Referendum...On Their Money, Our Elections And Our City
Perverting Political Reform
Subsequent development at this link:
Editorial: Release the City's Application for the Bloomberg "Innovation Grant"
Opinion: Councilmembers Unwilling To Admit City Mistakes + Resistance To Green Engineering Doomed Natural Bluffs, Cost More And Needn't And Shouldn't Be Repeated
by Joe Geever *
Mr. Geever is the former California Water Policy Manager for Surfrider Foundation. He is now an independent environmental consultant, working with communities and non-profits on policy issues to protect our ocean, beaches and coast and advocated the use of biotechnical methods to stabilize and protect LB's bluffs.

Editorial: Sunny Zia's Sunshine -- Insisting On Openness/Transparency On Spending At LBCC -- Needed Now At LB City Hall
Editorial: Put Proposed Civic Center Transaction On The Ballot, Because...

Fifth in a Series: Memo to Councilmembers, cc'd to Taxpayers, re the Civic Center Proposal
by Terry Jensen

Amnesia File / Opinion: Jensen (Dec. 2011): Public Officials Shrugging Public Costs Of Project Labor Agreements

Special "Common Sense" Series by Terry Jensen

Opinion: Fourth in a Series: How Council Is Asked To Squander MILLIONS Annually In Civic Center Deal

Opinion: Third In A Series: Civic Center: An Open Letter to Councilmember Stacy Mungo and 5th District Residents (And Anyone Who Cares About Long Beach)
Opinion: Second in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" OR "Just Another Stupid And Expensive Idea"?
Opinion: First in a Series: Civic Center: "A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" Or The Biggest Boondoggle in Long Beach History?

Editorial: Council Study Session Should Welcome, Not Throttle, Thoughtful Financial Concerns And Constructive Civic Center Options On The Merits
Editorial: Mayor/Council Should Respect The Public By Respecting Its Rules On Council Meeting Start Time (Updated Text)
Subsequent development here: Action Editorial:
How To Take Action On Long Beach's Latest "Mystery Stink"

Vincenzo Cristiano and the Best Dish Washer Nino's Ever Had
by Terry Jensen

Editorial: A Poor Call On A Contagious Virus on Long Beach
Perspective: When LBPD Crime Stats Don't Match Community's Experience
Editorial: Do You Want This (A Continuing Series): Councilmembers Gonzalez, Uranga, Mungo Propose These Changes To LB Political Contribution Laws:
  • More Than Double (Councilmembers) Or Triple (Citywide Pols) Allowable Contributed "Officeholder" Slush Fund Totals
  • Allow Now-Banned Transfers Of Campaign Contribs To Other Politicians' Campaigns
  • Consider Creating "Legal Defense Fund"

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  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyAbout a week or two agoAbout two-four weeks ago
    See continuing updates above As Of Dawn Thurs, Approx. 2,600 Customers Still Without Power; Major Protracted Downtown Long Beach Power Outage -- Affecting Willmore City to East Village, 10th St. to South of Ocean Blvd. -- After Fires Break Out In Three SCE Underground Power Vaults; LBFD and LBPD Deploy Major Resources At Mid-Afternoon Extending Into The Night Past Midnight

    July 15, approx. 6:00 p.m., photo by Diana Lejins
    Perspective / Extended Coverage / Includes VIDEO & AUDIO: See It / Hear It: "One Long Beach Alliance For Better Communities And Schools" Urges Council To Respond To Recent Shootings By Providing Summer Youth Programs, Safe School Passages, Economic Opportunities But Doesn't Mention Restoring LBPD Field Anti-Gang Unit; No Members Say "No" But Two Prominent Members Say It Must Be Coupled With Their Proposed Measures
    AUDIO: Mayor/Council Mum As Fracking Foes Ask City To Halt New Series Of High Pressure Underground/Undersea Rock-Fracturing Injections In/Near LB Offshore Oil Islands; Hear Their Testimony
    City Mgm't (via LBFD Chief) Seeks Council Approval To Impose New "First Responder Fee": $250 Per Call (In Add'n To Current Ambulance Fees If Transported), Schedules Enacting Vote At July 21 Council Meeting
    As seen LIVE: Assembly Votes 75-1 To Approve Enabler Bill For New LB Civic Center, Extends Allowable City Payments To Private Developer-Operator To Up To 50 Years: Lakewood/NLB Assemblyman Rendon Presents Bill, LB Assemblyman (Former Councilman) O'Donnell Doesn't Speak And Votes "Yes"...Then Sends Us This Statement (We Publish It In Full)
    O'Donnell says supporting bill isn't the same as supporting the project, cites potential financial risks for City, urges Council to ensure financial prudence
    Media Review / Fact Check: How Many People Really Spoke Pro and Con re "Feasibility Study" On Customs Facility / Int'l Flights?

    First (Again) on / In Detail: Coastal Comm'n Member Uranga Tried To Appoint Mayor Garcia As His Voting Coastal Comm'n Alternate But Is In "Holding Pattern" Pending Possible Change In State Law...That Could (Second Attempt) Put Garcia In Potential Voting Position Again
    Coastal Comm'n Votes Control Coastal Development Statewide; In 2013, Garcia Mayoral Campaign Held Fundraiser At SFV Home Of Another Coastal Comm'r
    Sat Nite Accident, Vehicle vs. Pedestrian, Atherton/Fanwood

    Photo by Max Pearl
    Now, It's Murder; Victim Dies After He's Shot In 1700 block Cerritos Ave., First of Two Shootings Within Three Hours in 6th Council District

    Man Is Shot, 2400 block Linden Ave., Third Sixth District Shooting in Three Days

    Subsequent development: victim dies; it's now homicide, see this link
    Man Is Shot, 1700 block Cerritos Ave., First of Two Shootings Within Three Hours in 6th Council District (July 9)

    Man Is Shot, 1300 block Lewis Ave., Second of Two Shootings Within Three Hours in 6th Council District (July 10)

    19 Yr Old Woman Is Ejected And Dies In Crash, Ocean Blvd @ Falcon Ave.
    Suja Lowenthal Won't Make Write-In Bid For Another Council Term But Uses Cryptic Language To Suggest She May Seek Another Office, And...
    Midafternoon Teamed Robbery -- At Least One Suspect Seen With A Gun -- Rob Uptown Bixby Knolls Jewelry Store (July 8)
    Social Media Words Fly, Some Talk Of Recall, After Councilwoman Mungo Tells Homeowners Concerned About Allowing Int'l Flights That City Would Collect More Property Tax Revenue If They Left

    Includes ON-DEMAND Quick Launch AUDIO: HEAR IT: Council Votes 6-3 (Austin, Supernaw, Uranga dissenting) To Authorize City Mgr. To Proceed With Work Necessary [Mgt Memo Said Hire "Industry Expert"] To Determine Feasibility Of Fed'l Customs Facility At LB Airport; Fed'l Facility Would Allow Int'l Flights, Couldn't Be Limited To One Operator

  • Speakers opposed outnumbered supporters roughly two to one; half of speakers in support worked for or were associated with JetBlue

  • Councilwoman Mungo tells residents who voiced concern about their home values: "I want all of you to stay in the homes you're in, but quite frankly if you moved, the city would actually increase its property tax revenue" (hear audio)

  • Opponents cite Airport management-commissioned 2013 Economic Feasibility Study performed without voted Council authority, charge City is pursuing new study because it didn't like results of first study
    Woman Fatally Stabbed, 5500 block LB Blvd.
    Red Xs=2014 and 2015 murders (shootings and stabbings) to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings and other homicides in Central LB.
    In Detail / Includes Perspective: Internal Airport Documents Show Extent Of What Airport Management/City Management Concealed From Public In Pursuing, Without Council Voted Authority, Customs Facility For Int'l Flights
    In Detail / Includes Perspective: Fateful Choice July 7: City Mgm't Asks Council To Approve Hiring "Industry Expert" To Perform Feasibility Study On Allowing Customs Facility/Int'l Flights at LB Airport
    Mgm't memo doesn't disclose secretly commissioned 2013 feasibility study that showed mixed results; internal Airport docs show no discussion of potential unintended consequences for City's Airport ordinance, currently protecting LB from unlimited flights at all hours on all runways
    Media Review / Includes Perspective: News Stories Preceding July 7 Council Agenda Item Re Customs Facility/Int'l Flights @ LB Airport
    Point / Counter-Point: Advocacy Pro/Con: Read Neighborhoods First/LBHUSH2 Flier, And LB Chamber of Commerce Mass Email On July 7 Council Agenda Item On Whether Council Should Hire An "Industry Expert" To Perform A Feasibility Study On Allowing Customs Facility/Int'l Flights at LB Airport
  • Noon Hour Shooting, Area 8th St. West of Magnolia (Crystal Court); Teen Is Hit/Wounded

    TWO Men Shot Sun Nite July 5 Area 14th St./Chestnut (Near Seaside Park/14th St Park)

    Gunfire Flies On E. Anaheim St. Sunday Nite Just West of Temple Ave., Hits Vehicle, Misses Man Sitting Inside

    Red Xs=2014 and 2015 murders to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    Mayor Garcia On Facebook: Disappointed In Amount of Illegal Fireworks This Year, Says He Will Strategize On Issue, Seeks Suggestions via Facebook
    ADDL VIDEO SURFACES: From Downtown High Rise Vantage Point, Gary Shelton Shows Extent Of Citywide Illegal Fireworks; INCLUDES VIDEO: Readers Report See/Hearing Illegal Fireworks -- Incl. Large Aerial Rockets -- All Over Town, Worse Than Previous Years
    (Captured at South/Dairy area.)
    TWO Adults -- A Man and a Woman -- Are Shot, Area 10th/Lewis July 4th Night.

    Man Is Shot July 4, Area 31st/Caspian (Just South of Silverado Park)

    Man (Adult) Fatally Stabbed July 4, Evidence Trail Led From Anaheim/Cherry To Anaheim/Dawson Where He's Found Dead Before Dawn; Victim Believed To Be Homeless

    Photo by Max Pearl

    VIDEO & Photo Coverage: See Alamitos Bay Fireworks
    Community Sponsored Event, Fireworks Are Presented by Boathouse on the Bay
    Time exposure photo by Max Pearl
    Upstart Group Signs "Declaration of Independence" In Philadelphia, Asserts Right To Self-Rule No Longer Accountable To Royal Authority, Cites "History of Repeated Injuries and Usurpations"

    Two Suspects Nabbed By Westminster PD After Predawn "Smash & Grab" Robbery/Burglary May Be Related To:
  • 2 a.m. hour Traffic Circle Jewelery Store "Smash & Grab" (Vehicle Into Store Window) Robbery/Burglary;
  • 3 a.m. hour 400 W. Anaheim St. Game Store Car-Into-Store Robbery/Burglary

    "Smash & Grab" robbery/burglary at Traffic Circle area jewelry store
    14 Yr Old Boy Shot Ten Blocks North of Long Beach City Hall (1000 block Chestnut)

    Red Xs=2014 and 2015 murders to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings, person wounded
    In Detail / AUDIO: In Less Than 150 Seconds, Sac'to Assembly Committee -- With No Serious Discussion of Substance by Dems or Repubs -- Approves City Hall-Sought Bill Extending Allowable LB Taxpayer Payments To Chosen Developer/Operator Of New Civic Center To Up To 50 Years; Measure Likely Heads To Assembly Floor
    City Att'y Moves To Halt Public Appeals Of Parks/Rec Comm'n Recommendation On Type Of Material For Artificial Turf Soccer Fields (Three Fields Now, Citywide Later); Parks & Rec Director Said Publicly That Appeals Could Be Filed (Undenied At The Time By Attending Deputy City Att'y) But City Att'y Says...; Item Will Now Come To Council As City Mgm't Presentation On Which Public Can Comment, Pro/Con
    Tale of Two Cities: In First 6 Mos on 2015: Shootings And Murders Mainly Impact These Council Districts, Leave Others Totally Or Nearly Untouched; Fatal Shootings Down In First 6 Mos. From Previous Years
    L.A. County DA's Office Supports LBCC Trustee Sunny Zia's View of Brown (Open Meetings) Act, Warns Bd of Trustees It Must Disclose Proposed Contracts Discussed In Closed Session And Then Agendized For Public Vote If Public Requests Document
  • DA's interpretation may affect LB City Hall practices that currently withhold such contracts from public until after they're done deals
  • LBCC Board avoids Brown Act violation only because no one (public or press) asked to see the contract

    Gov. Brown Signs Bill Requiring Parents To Get A Doctor's Recommendation To Exempt Child On Narrow Grounds From Vaccinations To Attend CA Public Schools; LB Legislators O'Donnell & Lara Voted For Measure, See Final Ass'y/Senate Vote Tallies
    Quick Work: LBPD Detectives, Aided by Anonymous Tip, Arrest And DA Charges ELB Man Re East Anaheim St. and 600 Redondo Com'l Robberies Just Days Ago
    City Prosecutor Haubert's Office Prosecutes, Judge Lowenthal Sentences, Man To Maximum Sentence For Beating His Pregnant Girlfriend (Mother Of One Of His Children), On Probation After Prior Conviction For Domestic Battery Against A Different Girlfriend (Has Two Of His Children)
  • Man Is Fatally Shot, 700 block Linden Ave. (1st Council district)

    Sunday Night Shooting, Area Admiral Kidd Park (WLB, Council Dist. 7)

    9 p.m. hour: Man -- And 4 Yr Old Boy -- Hit By Gunfire, 1100 block E. 21st St. (6th Council district, near Lemon Ave., Not Far From MLK Park)

    Re maps above: Red Xs=2014 and 2015 murders to date; Blue Xs=2014 and 2015 shootings to date, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=2014-15 shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs=shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Separate map shows shootings in NLB.

    U.S. Supreme Court rules 5-4 (opinion by Ruth Bader Ginsburg) that Arizona's independent redistricting commission IS constitutional to draw Congressional district lines.
    The Constitution's Elections Clause provides that "Times, Places, and Manner of holding Elections for...Representatives, shall be prescribed in each state by the Legislature thereof." Arizona voters [like CA voters] created an independent commission to draw district lines, and this case was a challenge by Arizona's legislature (Repub majority) to that transfer. If the outcome had been otherwise, it could have affected the validity of CA's voter enacted independent redistricting commission. The full opinion is at this link.
    Extended On-Demand VIDEO & AUDIO Coverage / See It/Hear It: Councilwoman Mungo's "State of the 5th Dist" Event Echoes Mayor/Mgm't Themes, Cites Multiple Citywide Items, Friendliness To Businesses
    Mum On Approaching Deficit, El Dorado Park (And Citywide) Artificial Soccer Turf Controversy, Attempt To Turn LGB Into Int'l Airport Amid Warnings It Could Risk Ordinance Protecting LB From Unlimited Flights

    Subsequent coverage above:
    Will U.S. Supreme Court Strike Down, Or Allow, Independent Redistricting Comm'n In AZ, And Thereby Undercut Or Leave Unscathed CA's Independent Redistricting Comm'n (That Voters Created To Draw Election District Lines)?
    Extended VIDEO Coverage: Long Beach Crowd Celebrates U.S. Supreme Court Ruling (5-4) Legalizing As Fundamental Constitutional Right Same-Sex Marriage Nationwide

    In Detail: U.S. Supreme Court (5-4) Rules Constitution (14th Amendment/Equal Protection Clause) Requires All States To Allow Same-Sex Marriage; Read Full Opinion

  • AUDIO: Long Beach lawyer Stephanie Loftin comments on ruling. She begins with lawyerly analysis, concludes with eloquent, personal thoughts
  • President Obama speaks in Rose Garden; read full text
    Dissenting Opinion: Supreme Court Justice Scalia Says It's Not About Marriage; It's About Who Governs; Read His Dissent, Voice Your Response
    City Hall's "Technology & Innovation Comm'n" Votes To Move Its Meetings Out Of Council Chamber (Which Has LIVE Video Streaming) And Into Room Somewhere Inside City Hall To Facilitate What City Staffer Calls "More Collaborative Discussion"
    Ann Cantrell, El Dorado Park South Neighborhood Ass'n, El Dorado Audubon File Appeals Re Artificial Turf Soccer Fields, Will Bring Issue to City Council
    Appeals question asserted budget/user benefits of artificial materials over well-maintained natural grass
    Supreme Court rules on ObamaCare: Upholds (6-3) tax subsidies for ObamaCare (maintains status quo for ObamaCare in 37 states other than CA). Outcome is major victory for President Obama. Majority opinion (by Chief Justice Roberts) says: "Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to improve health insurance markets, not to destroy them." From Scalia dissent: "We should start calling this law SCOTUScare." [SCOTUS is Supreme Court of the United States] Ruling affects states that unlike CA didn't set up their own insurance "exchanges." Full opinion is at this link.
    Woman (Adult) Is Shot To Death In Central LB Alley (Area 21st St. West of Orange Ave.)
    It's LB's second murder in two days (four total in June to date), second this month in 6th Council district

    As seen LIVE: Council Votes 9-0 To Direct Preparation Of Ordinance Reducing Restrictions On Keeping Multiple Bee Hives, Chickens, Goats; Measure Coming To Two Council Enactment Votes Is Slightly Revised From Narrowly-Failed 2013 Measure
    Includes On-Deemand Audio: Hear It: Angry Testimony In Opposition, Emotional Testimony In Support, (9-0) Long Beach Council Vote Supporting Obama Admin Exec. Orders Re Immigration (Deportation Relief, Work Authorization) Currently Halted By Fed'l Court As 26 States Challenge Action As Costly Unconstitutional Over-Reach

    Proposal reiterates current Council support for immigration reform w/ path to citizenship

    Updated: Multiple Gunshot Wounds, No Motive Identified Yet, 37 Yr Old Shooting Victim (800 block Cedar Ave.) Is A LB Man, Perished Roughly Eight Blocks North of LB City Hall

    USPS Puts New PO in BK
    Subsequent coverage above
    Long Beach Council Reps Gonzalez, Lowenthal, Uranga, Richardson Seek Council Resolution Supporting Obama Admin Exec. Orders Re Immigration (Deportation Relief, Work Authorization) Now Being Challenged In Fed'l Court by 26 States As Costly Unconstitutional Over-Reach
    Proposal reiterates (adding multiple "whereas" clauses) current Council support for immigration reform w/ path to citizenship

    Subsequent coverage above
    Will Multiple Bee Hives, Chickens, Goats Be Your New Neighbors? Read Ordinance Coming to June 23 Council Vote, Advanced By Vice Mayor Lowenthal (w/ Gonzalez, Supernaw & Andrews), Slightly Revised From Narrowly-Failed 2013 Measure

    Council Session -- Closed To Public & Press -- June 23 On Civic Center Re Negotiations With Its Preferred Proposer (Developer/Operator) As Sac'to Ass'y Committee Sets July 1 Hearing On Bill To Stretch To Up To 50 Yrs City/Port Payments To Developer/Operator
    Message From Long Beach Ministers Alliance: "Pack Your Church" On Sunday

    Man (Adult) Is Shot While Riding His Bicycle, Area 10th/Walnut, After Carload Of Individuals Try And Fail To Steal His Bike; He's Wounded But Rides Home And His Family Takes Him To Hospital

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