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New: Assemblyman O'Donnell With LB City Hall Approval Introduces Bill That Doesn't Mention Community Hospital But Would Change A Few Key Words In Current Law To Allow Time Extension For Seismic Safety Deadline-Facing Hospitals
New: Another Sac'to Housing Density Amplifier: San Diego Assemblyman Introduces AB 2372 Letting City Councils Give Developers Of "Affordable" (Subsidized/Below-Market) Housing "Density Bonus" Half Mile From Major Transit Stop Or Infill Within "Transit Priority Areas," Shrinks Parking Requirements
Perspective: Mayor Garcia Didn't Preside At Council Meeting (One Of His Charter Duties) To Attend L.A. County Democratic Party Event; His Former Online Calendar Has Apparently Vanished And We'd Like To Know If He Took Metro To The Event

Special Report / How'd That Happen?

New / In Detail / Amnesia File: See Who Voted For Obstructive Studebaker Rd. Bicycle Lane Bollards

New / In Detail / Amnesia File: See Who Voted For Obstructive Bellflower Blvd./CSULB Area Bicycle Lane Bollards
Includes audio of Council's specific project approval vote plus detailed history of prior votes
Follow the Money Coverage
New: Campaign & Officeholder Contribs re Incumbents Seeking Re-Election: Councilmembers Gonzalez, Price, Mungo, Uranga, Vice Mayor Richardson & Mayor Garcia

LB Gov't Transparency


See FBI Statement Admitting It Was Told Days Before -- And Failed To Follow-Up -- Re Florida Mass Murder Suspect

Follow-Up / In Detail: Council Takes No Position on "Transit Rich" Housing Density Dictating SB 827 For Now, Sends Issue To A LB Council Committee Awaiting Amendments (Not Publicly Disclosed) By Bill's Author Expected In Late February
Council incumbents don't mention LUE density increase maps coming to Council vote Mar. 6, but Council candidates Gordana Kajer and Corliss Lee do at afternoon press availability...and want City to seek amendments to SB 35
  • UPDATE: Sen. Wiener's office provides us with the text of his letter to Councilmembers, included in our coverage here.
    Follow-Up / In Detail: See Sen. Wiener's Polite But Unflinching Letter To LB Council re SB 827; He Defended His "Transit Rich" Housing Density-Dictating Bill, Suggested Council To Wait For Amendments He'll Propose...And LB Council Did As He Asked
    Follow-Up: Council Approves Developing Proposed "Bike Chop Shop" Ordinance, Agendized By Councilwoman Price, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw, Andrews & Austin, To Prohibit Certain Dismantling/Selling of Bicycles/Bike Parts On Public Property
    Sat Nite-Sun A.M. Lakewood Village SWAT Response After Person Inside Home Allegedly Fires Shots; After Tear Gas, Suspect Exits, Is In Custody
    Subsequent development above Councilwoman Mungo, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw and Austin, Agendize Council Item To Oppose "Transit Rich" Housing Density Dictating SB 827, Saying It Would Usurp Local Restrictions
    Subsequent development above
    Councilwoman Price, Joined By Councilmembers Supernaw, Andrews & Austin, Agendize Proposed Ordinance To Prohibit Certain Dismantling/Selling of Bicycles/Bike Parts On Public Property
    Agendizing memo says many bikes stolen, their parts stripped, sold illegally for money or controlled substances
    Extended On-DEMAND AUDIO: Hear 5th Dist. Council Candidates At LB Comm'l Real Estate Council Forum; Not A Debate But Questions On Hot Topics To Incumbent Mungo & Challengers Lee, Dines & Osborn

    Clear Line Drawn: Council Candidate Kajer Urges Removal Of Councilwoman Price-Sought Belmont Plaza Pool-Rebuild From Olympics-Prioritized Projects

    Councilwoman Price

    Ms. Kajer

    Subsequent development above At NLB Invitation-Only LUE Meeting, Mayor Garcia Sidesteps -- For Now -- Stating Position On Density Dictating SB 827

    New / In Depth: Must Read Re LUE & Density: State Housing Agency Issues This FAQ With These Decrees re SB 35 And Other Sac'to Enacted Housing / Land Use DictatesCity Mgm't Proposes Council Balance FY19 Budget With Increased Ambulance Charges, Increased Parking Fines, Allowing Short Term Rentals (Airbnb Type) To Collect Hotel Room (Transient Occupancy Tax) And Discloses LB Consumers Paying Approx $6+ Million More Than Initially Expected Under Measure A Sales Tax Hike
    Exclusive: Mayor Garcia Hears Polite But Firm Criticism Of Proposed LUE Density And City Process At 5th Dist. Invitation-Only Event (With Others In Other Districts To Follow)
  • Mayor Garcia is focused and engaged, interacts with invitees but voices no views pro or con on contentious points raised
  • Councilwoman Mungo says she'll make Mar. 6 Council motion to limit current 5th dist. commercial areas to two stories community commercial (not three story mixed comm'l-residential uses)
  • shows up expecting to be turned away, but is allowed to attend nearly two hour meeting
    Two Shootings About Two Hours Two Blocks Apart, Vicinity South St./Orange Ave.
    In Depth Coverage / Extended On-Demand AUDIO: Hear It: Downtown LB Alliance Executive Committee Hears Presentation On Its Hired-Report That Contends LB Needs Thousands More Housing Units More Than City Staff LUE Calculates, Calls "Problematic" Revised Draft Land Use Maps With Reduced Density Increases, Votes To Consider Taking Advocacy Position(s) In Advance of Mar. 6 Council Meeting On Revised Land Use Element Maps photo
    Significant update above
    Mayor Garcia Schedules Private, Invitation-Only "Roundtable" Events With Small Number Of Hand-Picked Attendees As March 6 Council Vote Approaches On Density Increase Land Use Element (LUE) Maps, Invites Embattled Council Incumbent Mungo To Attend Fifth District Event, Tells Invitees Media Won't Attend
    Follow the Money: Murky Monied Campaign Committee -- "Friends Of Long Beach" -- Collected $180,000+ Within Its Initial Four Months (Nearly 150k From These Three LB Hotels) For Spending In City Elections
    Follow the Money: Early Sums Surface Pro/Con In Pearce Recall
    Follow-Up: DLBA Governing Board Voted In December 2017 To Spend $80,000 That Has Now Produced Draft Report Claiming LB Needs More Housing Than City Staff's Draft LUE Calculates, Calls "Problematic" Revised Draft Land Use Maps That Reduced Proposed Density Increases
    Draft report title page states prepared for Downtown Development Corporation, a separate non-profit with which Council voted Jan. 16 to enter into MOU (contract) to solicit donations, pursue grants and reimburse City for "unbudgeted budgeted programs and services" that advance unspecified "economic development goals" not limited to downtown, coordinated with written approval by city management
    First (Again) on Privately-Run Non-Profit -- Authorized By City Council (Jan. 16) To Solicit Donations, Pursue Grants And Reimburse City To Advance Unspecified "Economic Development Goals" With City Mgm't -- Hired Firm That Has Produced Draft Report (As March 6 Council Vote Approaches) Claiming LB Needs More Housing Than Draft LUE Calculates, Calls "Problematic" Revised Draft Land Use Maps That Reduced Some City Staff-Desired Density Increases
    Perspective: LBPD Data Say 2017 Shootings Were Down 9% From 2016, And We Note...
    League of CA Cities Urges Cities To Oppose SB 827 (Would Override Local Zoning, Enable Sac'to Dictated Denser/Taller Housing Near Transit); LB Mayor/Councilmembers Mum To Date
    Density Watch: Sac'to Bill Means Now-Advancing LBTransit Plan Could Trigger Housing Density/Building Height Increases For Neighborhoods Within Quarter-Mile/Half-Mile Of Its Transit Corridors
    Marie Knight, LB Parks/Rec/Marine Director, Exits To Become HB Community Services Director
    Perspective: Councilmembers Don't Ask Why City Failed To Follow Council-Stated Policy And Failed To Oppose Bills (Incl. SB 35) That Impose Sac'to Housing Dictates And Undercut Local Control, As Council Votes 8-0 To Approve Same Policy In 2018 That City Ignored In 2017
    Action comes as Sac'to considers new housing density bill (SB 827) by SB 35's author...with no serious Council discussion to date of any of the bills' impacts with Council vote scheduled in March on LB Land Use Element maps
    First (Again) on JetBlue Tells LB Airport Proposed Higher Fines For Late Night Flights "Appear Intended To Have Discriminatory Effect" On JetBlue, "Seem Designed To Encourage JetBlue To Terminate Service," And Said City Should "Proceed Cautiously" And Consider JetBlue's Specific Comments, Warning "Any Decision Otherwise Could Lead To" Protracted Dispute As Carrier Believes "City's Actions Will Violate" Certain FAA Provisions And Create Fed'l Regulatory Conflicts
    First (Again) on JetBlue Escalates To Full Council Hearing March 13 Its Appeal Of Some Late Night Fines In Dispute Over Interpretation/Application Of Current LB Airport Ordinance Verbiage
    Perspective: Follow-Up: Bill Allowing 4 a.m. Bar Closings In LB (If Council Agrees) Introduced in Sac'to, Supported By Mayor Garcia
    In Depth / Perspective: Attn WLB, In Your Backyard: BNSF/L.A. Mainly Prevail In Court Appeal, Reviving Their Desired SCIG Railyard (With Add'l Steps Needed)
  • Might Council Settle Case For "Mitigation" While WLB Residents Say Railyard's Impacts Can't Be Mitigated And It Shouldn't Be Built Where Proposed?
  • BNSF + Cargo/Maritime/Corporate Interests Say It Will Eliminate Freeway Truck Miles, Help Economy And Mean Less "Regional" Pollution
    LBPD Says Car Going 60+ MPH Southbound on LB Blvd. Broadsided Car Turning West At Spring St; 20 Yr Old Woman (Passenger In Broadsided Car) Is Dead; Her Driver Is Critically Injured; Three In Other Vehicle Also Injured
    Want To See What LB/HB Offered Amazon For Its 2nd Corp HQ? Made Pub Recs Request Months Ago...And Has It Now

    Further On Councilwoman Pearce's Chartered Bus Event To Jan. 20 L.A. Women's March
  • Councilwoman Pearce's office says these LB Councilmembers support this year's event (although details remain vague) and include Mungo (a Repub who's mum on our inquiry)
  • Long Beach Area Republican Party criticizes LB Councilmembers' use of their "officeholder accounts" to "promote divisive politics" instead of LB community needs; no comment for now re Mungo role pending further info.
    Here's Text of LB Petition-Initiative Proposed Rent Control/Just Cause Eviction/Rental Housing Board Law
    "Just cause" eviction and Rental Housing Board provisions would apply regardless of whether 1995 rent-control-limiting Costa-Hawkins law is repealed
    City Staff Releases Revised LUE Maps For March 6 Council Action (That Could Accept Them, Tweak Them...Or "Receive and File" Them With LUE)
    See Voter Pamphlet Statements Submitted For Printing By LB Candidates For Mayor & City Council
    Covered with streaming VIDEO, now on-demand, via Facebook; text coverage coming
    Airport Mgm't Plans To Discuss Possible Amendments to Airport Noise Ordinance At Jan. 18 Airport Advisory Comm'n Meeting; Details Not Disclosed But Aug. 2017 Memo ( Previously Reported) May Offer Context And Clues
    Councilwoman Pearce Uses Her Office And City of LB Email Channels To Announce/Promote Free Chartered Bus Transportation (Event Supported By These LB Councilmembers And Pols) To Jan. 20 2nd Annual L.A. Women's March...After Hundreds of Thousands Held Massive L.A. Anti-Trump Protest Last Year Following His Inauguration
    UPDATE: Councilwoman Pearce staffer responds, says buses paid using her Officeholder Acc't (contributor, not taxpayer funded) and has been assured Emails OK
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Perspective Via Former L.A. City Planner Platkin Collapses Rationales For "Transit Rich" Density-Dictating SB 827
    It's titled: "The More You Stir it, the More It Stinks: New Planning Legislation from Sacramento"

    Long Beach City Hall Using "Mushroom Treatment" (Again) To Delay Our Reporting This Taxpayer-Impacting Information To You
    Editorial: End LB's Transparency-Mocking Mushroom Treatment As Council's "I-710 Oversight Committee" (Austin, Uranga, Richardson) Prepares To Receive Publicly-Hidden Update And Select "Locally Preferred Alternative" To I-710 Expansion Project

    Point-Counterpoint / Opinion: We Question These Statements Mayor Garcia Submitted For Inclusion In Official Election Pamphlet, And He Says...
    Opinion: The Problem Isn't Fixed, Because...
    by Gordana Kajer
    Ms. Kajer is a candidate for City Council in the 3rd Council district

    Perspective: Ten Inconvenient Truths About Boasts That "Measure A" LB Sales Tax Hike Restored LBPD South Division

    Editorial: Council Should Receive and File LUE, Because...
    Editorial: Citywide Appreciation Deserved For These LB Residents Who Made Tonight's LUE Hearing Possible
    Editorial: 4 a.m. Bar Bill Is About More Than Booze, Because...
    Podcast Listener's Comment: Agrees in part, disagrees in part, with our Podcast ("LUE + SB 35 = Increase Density's Perfect Storm.")

    SB 35 + LUE = Increased Density's Perfect Storm

    UPDATE: And hear reader's audio response.

    Perspective: What Are They Hiding? On Nov. 8 Privately-Run "League of CA Cities" Will Advise Officials From Multiple Area Cities On New Funding for Affordable Housing, Changes To Housing Element Law, "Streamlining" Housing Approvals And Options For "Moving Forward" Under Sac'to-Enacted Housing Bills (Presumably Incl. SB 35)...And Group Bars Press/Public Access
    Perspective / Opinion: SB 35: Not A Surprise, Not A Secret, But Shrugged By LB City Hall
    Election Campaign Notebook / Perspective: In Dueling Releases, 5th District Incumbent Mungo and Challenger Dines Campaigns Avoid Mentioning Proposal For LB Airport Customs Facility / Int'l Operations But Both Say They Oppose Increased Density; Compare Their Records
    Perspective: Will Discontent Audible/Visible At Land Use Meetings Bring Grassroots LB Election Candidates Willing To Challenge Incumbents' Records And Offer Meaningful Changes?
    New: Editorial: Councilmembers Don't Ask, And Austin Doesn't Tell, What He Did/Didn't Do On Recent Sac'to Travel Re Density/Land Use Legislation
    Subsequent development above
    Editorial: Council Shouldn't Approve Paying For Councilman Austin's Recent Sac'to Travel Without A Transparent, Businesslike Explanation Of What He Did/Didn't Do On Density/Land Use Legislation
    Editorial: When City Hall Fears A Town Hall

    Some people inside Long Beach City Hall seem to fear an American tradition rooted in a constitutional right eloquently portrayed by Norman Rockwell during the darkest days of WWII...MORE.

    Editorial: The Mayor's Junket
    Opinion: Attitude vs. Platitudes
    by Laurann Wakefield *
    * Ms. Wakefield is a co-founder of ENUF (Eastside Neighborhoods United Fully)

    Perspective / Public Safety Quiz: Blue Line Passenger Is Stabbed On Train Near Anaheim St...So Try This Quiz Re LBPD Police Levels Along Blue Line And For Neighborhoods Citywide
    Publisher's Perspective: Holding Them Accountable: Here's Record Of LB's Sac'to Legislators, Mayor And Council on SB 35
    Opinion: City Hall's Excessive "$100,000 Club" Grows To Gluttonous "$200,000 Club"
    by Ann Cantrell
    Amnesia File / Editorial: Here's How Long Beach Residents Lost The Law That Required City Council To Hold Nine Meetings Per Year In Council Districts And How/Why It Can/Should Return Without Taxpayer Cost
    Publisher's Perspective / Opinion: The Mayor's Campaign Money, And Your Right To Know From Whom It Came
    Perspective / Opinion: Fact Check, Fake News: Re LB's Unemployment Rate
    Editorial: Equity
    Editorial: The Worst Mayor/Council Appointment In Recent History And What To Do About It
    Long Beach's Fireworks Fiasco
    Editorial: For A Green-Light Measure In Long Beach: Letting The People Decide Density And Parking Impacts In Their City, Not Politicians And Development Interests
    Editorial: Unmentioned on Memorial Day in Long Beach
    Opinion / VIDEO: The Late Jack Smith Tells Council THIS About Neighborhood Crime/Safety And Homeless...On Oct. 11, 2016

    Friends of LB Animals
    Adoptable pets and more:

    Reference links

  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout <
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Council Votes 7-2 To Approve (Advance To Other Regulatory Bodies) Company Offer To Remove Eyesore Surface Oil Drilling And Restore Los Cerritos Wetlands (North of 2nd St.) Over Period Of Years (Full Restoration Potentially Decades), Implement Slant Oil Drilling (Up to 120 Wells) From Two Nearby Off-Site Sites

    Current surface oil facilities

    "Steamshovel Slough," a pristine salt marsh on the site.

    Perspective: 10 Yr Old Girl Was Struck By New Year's Gunfire, A LB "Ghost" Shooting Victim Among All Other Shootings Not Publicly Visible In LB's Official Crime Stats. Here's How To Fix That.
    Mayor Garcia Says He And These Four Council Incumbents Want To Prioritize These Eight Projects As "Olympics Related"
    Here's List Of Incumbents/Challengers For April 2018 LB Elections
    Council incumbent Gonzalez, City Auditor, City Att'y, City Prosecutor have no filed opponents
    Robert Fox Doesn't Submit Papers To Run For Mayor, Says He Cut This Deal With Mayor Garcia; Garcia Emails This Statement
    UPDATE: Wait, wait: Less than two hours later, Fox issues "clarifier," says there was no deal.
    LB Rent Control Initiative Supporters Submit Measure Text, Request City Att'y Ballot Title/Summary, Prerequisite To Petition Signature Gathering
    LBPD-Released 2017 Crime Stats
    Councilmembers Mum -- Say Nothing, Ask No Questions -- At First of Three Hearings On Charter Amendment To Restore/Authorize Taking Up To $26 Mil From LB Water/Sewer/Gas Users For General Fund ("Blank Check") Council Spending; Two Taxpayers Blast Measure; Next Hearing Feb. 13
    Subsequent development above<.small>
    Robert Fox, Neighborhood Advocate/Businessman Who Forced City Hall To Hold Heavily Attended Citywide Town Hall-Style Meetings & Led Opposition To City Staff's Density-Promoting Land Use Element, Pulls Papers To Run For Mayor
    Action comes as Council candidates Gordana Kajer and Corliss Lee mount reform-themed challenges to incumbents Suzie Price and Stacy Mungo in voter-rich 3rd and 5th Council districts
    Perspective: Mayor Garcia's 2018 "State of the City": Doesn't Utter Words "Deficit" Or "Taxes," Spends Seconds on Land Use Element, Sends Tweet From Stage
    City Mgm't Memo Acknowledges That As Currently Written, Proposed Charter Amendment Could Take Up To $26 Mil From LB Water/Sewer/Gas Users For General Fund ("Blank Check") City Council Spending
    Sum Is Over Three Times More Than Mgm't Previously Mentioned, It Goes Beyond Filling Budget Hole From Taxpayer's Prop 218 Lawsuit That Ended City Hall's Water/Sewer Pipeline Fees
    Subsequent coverage ahove:
    The REAL State of the City: Mayor Garcia Calls Special Council Meeting (First Of Three Hearings) To Put "Blank Check" Charter Amendment On June 2018 Ballot, Letting Council Take Up To 12% From "Unnecessary" Water/Sewer & Gas Dept. Gross Revenues To "Maintain Local General Fund Services"
    Sic Transit: History, Context Worth Recalling On Passing Of LBFD's First Black Firefighter, Capt. Otis Reid

    Mayor Garcia Moves Swiftly To Distance Himself From His Legislative Director Ramirez's Personal Tweet That "Problem With Many Environmentalists" Is "Anti-Housing Anti-Density" People Just Like Their Homogeneous Neighborhood Without People Of Color When They Cite Traffic And Pollution
    See Mayor's Chief of Staff statement, says Mayor Garcia doesn't agree with Mr. Ramirez's personal opinion on this issue.

    Now-deleted personal Tweet from Mayor's Legislative Director Ramirez
    Perspective: Berkeley News Outlet & SW L.A. Advocacy Group Blast SB 827 (Would Override Local Zoning, Mandate Denser/Taller Bldgs Near Transit) And Criticize Its Author And Supporters; LB Mayor/Council Mum While L.A. Councilman Calls It "Devastating" And "Insanity"
    Sac'to Senator Wiener (Authored SB35) Introduces New Bill -- SB 827 -- Offering Housing Developers Density Bonus/Exemptions From Various Req'ts Within Half-Mile/Quarter Mile From Transit
    LBPD Encounters Armed Man In ELB Hotel Lobby Believed Holding At Least One Employee Hostage; He's Shot Dead, No One Else Injured

    LBPD photo
    U.S. Att'y Gen'l Sessions Issues This Memo, Rescinding Obama Admin Policy Re Fed'l Marijuana Prosecutions, Creates Uncertainty/Risks For Burgeoning CA Cannabis Adult-Use Consumer/Retailer Marketplace
    Follow-Up: LBPD Homicide Detectives + Patrol Officers Swiftly Identify, Locate And Arrest Two Suspects, And DA Charges The Pair In New Year's Eve Murder Of Homeless Man
    Long Beach 2017 Murders Dropped To Historic Low, But...
    Long Beach's First Shooting In First Hour Of 2018 Is Fatal: Area 6th/Temple; [UPDATE] Victim Was A 22 Year Old LB Man

    2018 to date: Red X = homicide:
    Homeless Man Found Dead In Alley At Dawn New Year's Eve (900 block Elm) May Be LB's Final 2017 Homicide Victim

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    Two Men (Identified) Are Dead (One From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound), One Man Wounded, In Midafternoon Shooting At Bixby Knolls Law Office (San Antonio/LB Blvd; All Are Attorneys At Law Firm; LBPD Investigating As Workplace Violence
    Fatal Fashion Ave. Fire

    LBFD photo
    Are You, Your Kids Or Friends Sick? L.A. County Health Dept. Confirms Flu Flying
    Dead Whale Found In Port Shipping Channel
    Man Is Shot/Wounded Overnight, PCH/Cedar (Border b/w South Wrigley/Washington Middle School Neighborhoods, 1st/6th districts)

    In Depth / Perspective: Disclosed In Pre-Xmas Non-Prime-Time "Study Session": LB Taxpayers Face Fiscal Trainwreck After Upcoming Mayor/Council Elections: Deficits (Spending Exceeding Revenue) In FYs 19+20+21 Totaling Over $30 Mil
  • Mgm't's previous estimate for FY19+FY20 deficit increases roughly 40%-55% in six months and acknowledges add'l deficit in FY 21
  • Mgm't proposes partial fix for FY19 IF Council increases fines/fees/shifts "Measure A" (sales tax increase) funds to "maintain" (not restore further) public safety services BUT says this partial fix will STILL leave est. $7.3 mil deficit that re-elected or new Council will deal with in summer 2018 with some likely proposed "Department Reductions"
  • Mgm't doesn't mention that deficits include Mayor/Council-approved city employee/management raises, hotel room tax "sharing" (giveaways) and start of annual escalating "Civic Center" payouts to private operator
  • Mgm't says an additional $8.3 Mil "litigation" deficit requires LB voter-fix with Charter change after LB taxpayer Lejins forced city settlement/rebates due to multiple Mayors/Councils shrugging Prop 218 voter approval req't
    Long Beach Sees Spectacular Space X Vandenberg Rocket Launch Carrying Iridium Communications Satellites

    Launch in progress as seen in ELB
    Residents In Multiple ELB Neighborhoods Had Their Car Windows Broken, Seemingly Shot Out (Possibly With A BB Or Pellet Gun) By Vandal(s) Overnight (Dec. 20-21)

    Photo via crime victim on
  • UPDATED With Reactin: City Auditor Report on LB Animal Care Services Offers 173 Improvement Measures, Admits More Resources Needed (But Doesn't Criticize Mayor or Council Budget Actions), Doesn't Propose "No Kill" Options, Recommends Future "Strategic Plan" To Decide What Shelter Should Be
  • Auditor's report says compared to "many other open intake municipal shelters" that focus on animal control, LBACS "is performing above average when it comes to recognizing the need for programming aimed at saving animal lives" but while Live Release Rates have increased, this has been "accomplished without the addition of resources to fully support new program" which has "strained already limited ACS resources...affecting service effectiveness and efficiency."
  • Stayin' Alive LB says report includes many recommendations it has made over the past four years and shows management flaws
    VIDEO / Follow-Up: Security Cam Video Shows What Occurred Outside Council Chamber/City Hall, Incl. Physical Assault, After Sometimes Audibly Raucous Planning Comm'n Hearing Re Los Cerritos Oil Consolidation/Wetlands Restoration Project

    Person With Gun Allegedly Chases Two People While Shooting At Them, 1600 block Locust Ave. (1st Council dist.); No Persons Hit, Two Vehicles Damaged

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    Follow-Up: Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce Is Served With Notice Of Intention To Recall, Writes These Two Responses (Facebook And Official); Recall Committee Says It Has Financial Resources To Carry Process Through, Expects To Begin Gathering Signatures Soon After First Of New Year
    Recall Launched Against 2nd dist. Councilwoman Jeannine Pearce

    Recall supporters come to Council meeting to serve Notice of Intent To Recall on Councilwoman Pearce
    Eighty Public Speakers, Most Saying "No" To LUE /Recommend Receive and File...And Mayor-Picked Planning Comm'n Recommends "Yes" With Some Map Tweaks; Non-Binding Action Sets Stage For Council Decision On Increased Density
    Hotel Developer of Historic Jergins Trust Site (SE Corner Ocean/Pine) Wants 80% Of Hotel Room Tax Over Nine Years (Upfront Increase From 50% Over 20 Yrs)
    City Att'y Says Sac'to Density Dictates Mean New LB "Granny Flats" Ordinance Coming To Council Hearing Dec. 12 Can't Require Parking In Some Ways Council Wanted And In Much Of City Except On These Terms
    Eleven LB-Area Groups (Incl. Advocates For Rent Control, Affordable Housing, Bicycle/Pedestrian Infrastructure) Say They'll Support Proposed Land Use Element If It Includes Their Strengthening Suggestions That Include...
    Focus On Council Incumbent
    New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Tells Constituents SB 35 Doesn't "Govern" or "Usurp" Local Land Use Element, But We Question That Because...
    New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Says This In "5th District LUE Fact Sheet", But We Say It Includes Statements That Aren't Factual
    New / Analysis / Perspective: Councilwoman Mungo Creates Video re LUE Making These Statements That We Question
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