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First (Again) on / In Depth / AUDIO: LB Mayor/PD Mgm't Made Blue-Line Policing Proposal Without Disclosing Police Staffing Impacts To LB Taxpayers Or To Council; Metro Staff Seeks 14 LBPD Officers Immediately From LB's Already-Thin Citywide Police Level
LBPD Mgm't Says It'll Cover With Overtime; Sheriff McDonnell Cites Public Safety Reasons In Metro Committee Against Multi-Agency Policing Plan
New / With VIDEO Coverage: Multiple People Report Knife-Wielding Woman Allegedly Threatening/Trying To Cut/Stab People Area Bellflower/7th, LBPD Officers Take Multiple Steps (Including Electronic Device) To Urge Her To Drop Knife Until She Allegedly Advances On Officers And Is Fatally Shot; VIDEO: Speaks With Person At Scene Who Describes For Us What Knife-Wielding Woman Allegedly Did To Her

LBPD released photo


New / VIDEO: See/Hear Emotion Packed Memorial, As Family and Veteran Civic Activists, Celebrate Life Of Jack C. Smith -- From Rocket Scientist To Academy Award Winner to Creative, Compassionate Community Advocate

Event Advisory / Charitable Opportunity: Jan. 21 Charity Kickball Tournament Supports Two Cancer-Crushing Entities, Honors Memory Of LB Parks/Rec Bureau Mgr Chrissy Strong-Marshall
First (Again) on Having LBPD Patrol Portion Of Metro Blue Line Could Initially Drain Roughly 30 Officers From LB's Already Thin Citywide Police Level; LBPD Has Been Negotiating With Metro On A General Framework That Would Initially Draw Officers From LBPD's General Pool, And Plans To Use Overtime That It Says Won't "Diminish The Amount Of Officers Currently Deployed In The Community"
Subsequent coverage above
Sat. Jan. 14, 1 p.m. Memorial Service / Reception for Jack C. Smith, BBLB Co-Founder, One-Day Xmas Store Co-Creator; Online Effort Seeks Donations To Continue His Christmas Store Legacy
LBFD Says 2 Patients Sent To Trauma Center, 1 To Hospital In Fiery ELB Midnight Hour Crash, Bellflower Blvd. South of Atherton: Vehicle Allegedly Crosses Center Divider, Collides With LBPD Pick-Up Truck

LBFD photos

While Mayor Delivers "State of the City" Message Downtown, There's Double Shooting in NLB: Woman Dies, Man Critically Wounded, 6300 Knight Ave. (Near Ramona Park)
Perspective / As Seen LIVE: Mayor Garcia's 2017 "State of the City" Message: What He Did and Didn't Say
Perspective: Tries Out Mayor-Touted New Open-Data Website; Here's What We Sought And Got And Didn't Get
UPDATE: Includes add'l information/context/response from City Public Affairs Office (City Mgr. office)
LB Animal Shelter Says It Killed Fewer Dogs & Cats In 2016 Than Ever Before, A New Record...But No-Kill Stayin' Alive LB Notes Shelter Took In Fewer Dogs/Cats Meaning Only Single Digit Drop In Rate Of Killings, Blasts City Mgm't & Mayor Garcia, Urges City Adoption Program
In Depth / Amnesia File: Brighter Street Lights Draw Mainly Cheers, But Some Jeers, While American Medical Ass'n Raises Health Concerns (And Some Cities Respond By Cooling Them A Bit)
Amnesia File: It's latest chapter in reversing City Hall self-inflicted wound that imposed public-despised yellow lights during Carter Admin "energy crisis"
Long Beach Mayor Garcia Chosen By Area Officials For Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board...As I-710 Expansion With Long Term Impacts For Residents And Cargo/Port Industry Interests Approaches Key Decisional Votes
In Depth / Perspective: Wrigley Residents Hear Gunfire (Again), But LBPD Can't Find Evidence Of Shooting (Again)... Because Council Has Failed To Budget And Deploy This Gunfire Location Technology

Image source:
In Depth / Perspective: See Who Sought And Who Fought Transparency -- And Left LB Taxpayers The Last To Know How New Police Union Contract Will Affect City Budgets And Services...While Some Nearby Cities Give Their Residents Labor Negotiation Transparency
LBPD w/ SWAT + LBFD Response Resolve Five Hour Standoff, 300 block W. Ocean Blvd., Suspect In Custody After Allegedly Threatening To Burn Down Apt. Building

LBFD photo
North Long Beach Resident Shoots/Kills Alleged Burglar; UPDATED: LBPD Is Preliminarily Investigating It As Burglary In Which Resident Shot Subject In Self-Defense
Perspective: Council's Public Safety Committee (Price, Supernaw, Austin) Is Told There's No Plan Now In Place -- Despite Measure A (Blank Check) Sales Tax Increase -- For Further Police/Fire Restorations For Taxpayers Beyond Those Council Approved in Sept. 2016 For FY17
City Staff Will Present Options For Council Consideration In January 2017
North Long Beach Apt. Fire, 5500 block Dairy Ave.: One Resident Found Deceased And A Family Of Five Is Displaced

LBFD photo
CA Coastal Comm'r Wendy Mitchell Resigns, Noted Locally For Holding Oct. 2013 Fundraiser At Her San Fernando Valley Home Touting Then-Mayoral Candidate/Then-Coastal Comm'r Robert Garcia As "Pro-Business Candidate"; Mitchell Was Among Comm'n Majority That Voted To Oust Exec. Director Lester
  • Irony: Garcia later learned he'd have to give-up his Coastal Comm'n seat on election as LB's non-voting Mayor
  • Governor Brown can now appoint Mitchell's successor
    Further Follow-Up: Learns SCAQMD Recently Received A Tip That Might Help Solve Mystery of LB's Periodic "Mystery Stinks"...And Agency Will Also Be Pursuing Suggestion In News Story Re Air Sample Collection
    "Read With Rex" Challenge Exceeds Vice-Mayor's Ambitious Expectations In Number Of Items Checked-Out Within 100 Days Of Opening New Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library
    Subsequent development above
    Follow-Up / Amnesia File: Here's What AQMD and LBFD Say (Once Again) About Latest Long Beach "Mystery Stink"
    Perspective / Amnesia File: LBPOA (Police Union) & City Hall Negotiators Reach Deal On Tentative New Contract But Withhold Details That LB Taxpayers Will Be Last To Know
  • On Jan. 1, LB taxpayers will begin paying Measure A ("Blank Check") sales tax hike for which police union was largest single contributor ($225k cash + $13k in kind); Council can spend its revenue for any gen'l fund items it wishes including union raises
  • From September 2009 forward, no record of LBPOA leadership publicly opposing management/Mayor/Council actions that erased roughly 200 officers for taxpayers, and LBPOA PAC's leadership supported re-election/advancement of Councilmembers who approved doing so
    Sic Transit: Fred Khammar, Belmont Shore Figure Prominent For Multiple Annual Events At Belmont Plaza Pier And Alfredo's Beach Club, Passes

    Sic Transit: George Sabbagh, Naples Island Figure Owned/Operated K.C. Branaghan's

    Possible Drive-By Shooting, 700 block Elm Ave. (Two Vehicles Hit, No Victims Found); Suspect Vehicle Spotted 2400 block Anaheim St...With A Wounded Person Inside; LBPD Investigating As Possibly Gang-Related
    LB Poly High Teacher Becomes Victim Of Armed Robbery/Physical Assault In A School Parking Lot As He Arrives For Work Before Dawn, Loses Belongings, Suffers Injuries
    In Second Storm, LGB Gets 1.05" of Rain, Adding To 1.23" From First Storm = 2.28" Dec 21-24
    Forecast is for sunny LB Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, breezy Sat with high near 60, low near 40
    Explosion/Small Fire, 2100 block Locust Ave. WASN'T A Meth Lab; No Persons Injured Or Found Inside, LBPD Investigating As Possibly Arson
    LGB Gets 1.23" of Rain Dec 21-22, More Coming Dec. 23
    DTM Security Has These Useful Tips To Prevent Bad Guys From Stealing Your Holiday Packages Or Breaking Into Your Home While You're Away
    As Seen LIVE: Council Votes To Obligate LB Taxpayers To Spend $10.7 Million More From Tidelands For Aquarium-Sought Expansion (On Top Of Other Continuing Taxpayer Payouts)
    AUDIO Amnesia File, 1995: Hear City Officials & Consultants Say Aquarium Unlikely To Require Public Money To Meet Its Expenses
    Transparency / Openness Watch / Perspective: Seeks, Council Ignores, Public Access (And Thus Independent Public Oversight) To Aquarium's Governing Board Meetings; Councilmembers Hand $10.7 Million More To Private Entity Running Public Facility Without Requiring This Transparency/Openness Reform
    As seen LIVE: Mayor Garcia announces this item has been withdrawn from Dec. 20 agenda so staff can do additional work on it: Dec. 20: Council Is Asked To Give Away Half of LB's Hotel Room Tax For Up To 20 Yrs. To Developer Proposing Boutique Hotel Inside Ocean Center Bldg. (SW Corner Ocean/Pine); Proposed LB taxpayers' Subsidy = $12.4 Million
    In May 2016, Council approved 8-0 50% hotel room tax giveaway for a new hotel/mixed use building across Pine Ave. (former Jergins Trust Bldg. site); LB taxpayers' subsidy = $27 Million
    Subsequent development above
    In Depth: Dec. 20: Council Will Decide Whether To Obligate LB Taxpayers To Spend $10.7 Million More From Tidelands For Aquarium-Sought Expansion (On Top Of Other Continuing Taxpayer Payouts)
    AUDIO Amnesia File, 1995: Hear City Officials & Consultants Say Aquarium Unlikely To Require Public Money To Meet Its Expenses
    Sic Transit: Jack C. Smith: Independent Citizen Activist, Co-Founded Better Balance for Long Beach, Co-Organized Award Winning, Heartwarming One-Day Christmas Store "Shopping With Dignity"

    Friday Night Fire, George's 50's Diner, Atlantic/San Antonio

    Roughly 300 Residents Show Up, Overflow Council Chamber To Oppose Airport Customs Facility / Int'l Flights, Testimony Cites Multiple Grounds For Questioning/Disputing Airport-Hired Consultant's "Feasibility Study"; Airport Staff Offers "Interpolated" Estimates Contending LB "Economic Benefits" But Without Methodology Details Or Figures Allowing Scrutiny Beforehand
  • Only five speakers support (4 from JetBlue, 1 from LB Area Chamber); both entities waged email efforts seeking support
  • Councilmember Mungo mum, asks no questions, says nothing; Richardson and Andrews absent

    Hear It / As Seen LIVE: Long Bech Vice Mayor Richardson On White House Panel Describes LB Actions To Implement Obama Admin "My Brother's Keeper" Policies As Admin Exits

    Man and Woman Shot, Area Del Amo / Locust (8th dist.)
    Perspective / Amnesia File, 2001: City Mgm't And City Att'y Said Council Action Wouldn't Put LB's Airport Ordinance At Risk...But It Did, With Continuing Consequences Now
    Amnesia File / News in Depth: Feb. 2015: City Prosecutor (Former Airport Advisory Comm'n Member) Doug Haubert Explains Risk To City's Protective Airport Ordinance From Allowing Int'l Flights
    Perspective: JetBlue Isn't A Victim Of "Delays" On Customs Facility / Int'l Flights But Public Was A Victim Of 2013 Council's "Code of Silence" That Kept Issue Out Of 2014 Election Cycle...And Lack Of Transparency Continues Now By Some Current Councilmembers And LB's Mayor
    Man Stabbed, Teen Arrested, Pacific/Hill (Five Blocks East of North End Of Daisy Ave. Xmas Parade)
    Victim Is Identified, No Arrest Made At This Time: Man Is Fatally Stabbed By Another Man, Residential Neighborhood East of Traffic Circle, West of Clark, South of Stearns, North of Los Coyotes Diagonal
  • Perspective / Viewpoints

    Entering 2017

    Public's Money, Public's Business, Unbusinesslike Mayor/Council Response To Public
    Jan. 1, 2017: The Highest Sales Tax Rate Among Neighboring Cities And Among The Highest In CA

    Giving Away Tax Dollars, Croney Capitalism/Corporate Welfare

    Editorial: What's This?

    Perspective: Mayor Garcia Says He Spoke With Michelle Obama At WH Staged Event...But City Hall Still Hasn't Released Docs Showing What She Said Months Ago When He (And Councilman/Now Vice Mayor Richardson) Invited Her To Attend Opening Ceremony Of LB Library Named In Her Honor

    Op - Ed: Rethinking AES Power Plant On Los Cerritos Wetlands: We Can Do Better
    by Elizabeth Lambe, Executive Director, Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
    Digital Editorial Cartoon: Polling and Press, Past is Prologue

    Opinion: Vote Yes on Measure MM and NO on MA
    by Diana Lejins *
    * Ms. Lejins heads Advocates for Disability Rights and is a long-time proponent of access to medical marijuana

    Editorial: Homeless Parking Lot Proposal Scrimped On Public Notice, Fails To Consider Unintended Consequences, Deserves Fact-Check, Scrutiny And Vetting First In Council Committee
    UPDATED Editorial: Ending Mayor/Mgm't Manipulative Mushroom Treatment Leading Up To Homeless "Study Session"
    Editorial: Reschedule Coming Camouflaged Council Vote On Controversial Less-Than-Transparent "Road Diet" Proposed Along Nearly Two Miles of Ocean Blvd. (Livingston Dr. To End of Peninsula)

    Editorial: LB Firefighters Union Prez Pens These Pusillanimous Words As Mgm't/Mayor Propose To Leave Fire Stns (Including Stearns Park area Stn 17) Without Fire Engines and NLB Stn 12 Without Paramedic/Rescue
    Editorial: Restore At Least 35 Officers For Taxpayers...Now
    Counter-Point: A Responsible Budget -- That Restores Public Safety
    Text from mass emailing sent by Mayor Robert Garcia
    Opinion / Point-Counterpoint: Comments Re Police Shootings And Upcoming Dem Convention:
  • Steve James on Facebook: Scheduling Appearance By Michael Brown's Mother (Ferguson, MO) Is "Slap To The Face Of All Law Enforcement" (Personal Comment by LBPOA Pres; Group Has Taken No Position At This Time)
  • Dem Convention Website Text Describing Its Upcoming "Mothers of the Movement" Event
  • Aug. 2014 Open Letter To Youth of Ferguson, MO by Long Beach Councilman (Now Vice Mayor) Rex Richardson
  • Grand Jury Conclusion and US DOJ Conclusion re Ferguson MO police shooting
  • Fraternal Order of Police Statement ("Shocked, Angered, Saddened") re Dem Convention
    Opinion: Future File: Results Of SEASP (Son of SEADIP) Reviewed in 2026
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Perspective / Opinion: In the Running for Long Beach Outrage of the Decade

    Editorial: LB's 2016 Elections
    Perspective / Opinion: Is That All There Is? By The Numbers On "More Police" Under "Measure A" Sales Tax Hike
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Last Minute Facebook Item By the LB Firefighters Ass'n Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Perspective / Opinion: How Many Bogus Arguments Can You Spot In This Facebook Item From One Of Mayor Garcia's Ten Office Staffers, Urging Votes For City Hall's Blank Check Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: LB's New Sample Ballot And Election Practices?

    Editorial: LB City Hall's Public Works Infrastructure Scandal: Going Where Facts Lead Without Flinching, Avoiding Damage Control/Cover-Up
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: No On Measure A Sales Tax Hike...To Build A Better Long Beach
    Editorial: Censored In East Long Beach?
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In PT Editorial Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In This Letter Signed By Presidents Of LB Police Officers/LB Firefighters Unions Supporting City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments

    Editorial: How Many Bogus Statements Can You Spot In Gazettes Editorial Backing City Hall-Sought Sales Tax Increase To 10% (Measure A)? Here Are A Few We See, Plus Our Comments
    Editorial: Reckless "Feasibility" Of Risking Uncontrollable Outcome At LB Airport
    Opinion: Mayor's Proposal That Council Recommend Councilman Austin As LB Rep For "Lower Los Angeles River Working Group" Mocks Open Space Again After Approving "Riverwalk" Development
    by Laurie Angel
    Opinion: What I Saw/Heard At One-Sided Meeting Staged By Councilman Supernaw With Mayor Garcia On Their Tax Hike Ballot Measure
    by Tom Stout, co-founder LB Taxpayers Ass'n
    Perspective / Opinion: Significant Differences Emerge Between 8th Dist. Council Candidates On Airport
    Subsequent development at this link:
    Statement by the Publisher: City Is Attempting To Stall And Potentially Stonewall Public Records Act Release Of Full Results Of Survey (Portions Selectively Released By Mayor Last Month) Purporting To Show Support For Raising Sales Tax To 10%
    Opinion: Three More Reasons To Oppose Mayor/Council Proposed Tax Hike
    by Joe Weinstein, Ph.D.

    Editorial: LB's "Let Them Eat Cake" Mayor & Councilmembers
    Statement by the Publisher / Opinion: Standing Alone
    Opinion: Below the Radar In Attempt To Oust Coastal Comm'n Exec. Dir.
    by Joe Geever
    Editorial / Amnesia File: Battle For Soul Of Coastal Comm'n Will Have Long Beach Link
    Editorial: Annulment or Divorce
    Perspective / Opinion: Councilman Austin Twists And Turns To Avoid "T" Word -- Taxes -- In His Weekly E-Mail Update
    Perspective / Amnesia File: Mayor/Council Talking Taxes Before Exploring Taxpayer Savings And Meaningful Spending Reforms
    Editorial: We Publish "Censored" Words And Say Council Should First -- As Threshold Matter -- Evaluate Undeniable Risk Before "Feasibility" That Could Destroy LB's Protective Airport Ordinance
    Editorial: What To Watch For On Queen Mary Re-Do Vote Tonight: Responsibility Exercised Or Scorned

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  • Council District Map
  • How To Recall a LB Elected Official
  • Email Your Council Member
  • LB Schools
  • Crime Data
  • Beverly O'Neill Administration
  • Perspective / Opinion: The Mythological Mayor: Beverly O'Neill In Balance
  • Transcript Excerpts of Historic Feb. 13, 2001 City Council Vote on QW Bay "Pike" Development
  • How ELB Traffic Project Was Canceled And $1,000,000 Diverted For Downtown Walkway; Other Projects At Traffic Circle & Iron Triangle Not Delivered As Promised
  • 2003: Independent Consultant Says City Hall "Has Created A False Impression Of Solvency"
  • Deputy City Auditor Report Shows LB Convention & Entertainment Center Operations Cost LB Taxpayers $2.5 Million in FY 2000, $3.0 Million in FY 99; Cumulative operating losses since 1978 opening exceed $60 million; City Auditor Burroughs' Recommended Action: "Receive and File"
  • Video Shows Councilman Garcia Typing, Texting, Seemingly Not Focused On Testimony During Residents' Quasi-Judicial Appeal of City's Planned Handling Of Toxic Contaminated Colorado Lagoon Soil
  • What Some Councilmembers Did While Taxpayers Testified On Toxics

  • Interactive Map: AQMD Multiple Airborne Toxics Exposure Study (MATES III)
    Mates3 broad

    Archival Access: Hear What Council Was Told In 1995 About Aquarium Paying Its Bond Debt Without Taxpayer Bailout
    Study Says Areas Including Downtown LB, Belmont Shore, Los Altos, Bixby Knolls At Estimated Heightened Cancer Risk From Port Operations

    "Draft Estimated Diesel PM [particulate matter] Cancer Risk From POLA and POLB" cited in Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure Assessment Study for the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, p. 8
    24 Hrs. in LB Air: Bixby Knolls AQMD Monitor, Dec. 2003. Details, click photo
    AQMD Air Monitor in LB, Dec. 2003
    2005: Scientists @ LB Conference Say Air Pollution in L.A.-LB Region is High Enough to Cause Illness and Deaths; Economist Says Ports Receive Subsidies That Invite More Growth
    RecentlyWeeks AgoPast Few Months
    Here's City Att'y Office's Memo To Mayor/Council Re Allegation Of Brown Act (Open Meeting) Violation On Dec. 6 Airport Vote
    NY Times Writer Mentions LB Mayor Garcia In Final Paragraph Among Second-Tier "Some Others To Keep An Eye On" In Piece Forecasting Dem Party's Future
    As Seen LIVE: Council Approves 6-3 (Austin, Uranga, Supernaw Dissenting) Mungo-Price Motion That Authorizes City Staff To Take Actions That Advance Process For Council Approval Of Customs Facility / Int'l Flights, Council Action Includes Setting Decisional Vote Jan.24
    Retired Councilwoman Gabelich Files Complaint Letter With D.A. Alleging Brown Act Violation
    As Seen LIVE: Hear It: CA Supreme Court Oral Arguments On Whether Gov't Officials' Emails / Texts On Public's Business Are Public Records Under CA Law
    FBI Says No Evidence Threat To LA Metro Was Credible
    Subsequent development above: Twelve Days Before Xmas, With No Prior Council Study, This Item Agendized For Dec 13 Council Action Re Airport Customs Facility/Int'l Flights
    Subsequent development above
    Councilmembers Uranga, Price, Supernaw Seek Study Session On Airport Customs Facility / Int'l Flights Before Council Voted Action
    Two Belmont Shore Beach Area Deaths Appear Unrelated: Man Found Fatally Shot Near Water's Edge Appears Suicide, Woman Found Dead In Nearby SUV Appears From Natural Causes, PD Says, But Investigations Ongoing
    Follow-Up / Perspective: Mayor Garcia And JetBlue LB Lobbyist Used Private E-Mail Backchannel To Communicate...And Here's Why That Matters
    Teen Is Shot/Wounded, MLK/15th St., Area Adjoins East Side Of Poly High (6th Council district)
    Exclusive: Mayor's Chief of Staff Wrote "RG -- Nothing" After Mayor Told Him He Has No Records Under Public Records Act Seeking His Communications With JetBlue And Re Company-Sought Airport Customs Facility/Int'l Flights
    In Depth / Perspective: Internal City Hall Records Show JetBlue Email Domain Was And Is Source Of Multiple Emails Seeking To Sway Long Beach Councilmembers On Company-Sought Customs Facility / Int'l Flights
    UPDATED with City Statement: Vandals Strike Farm Lot 59, Oasis For Urban Farming On California Ave. At Willow Springs Park
    Is It Related To Nearby Chronic Transient/Homeless Encampment, Or To Previous Fire That Destroyed Historic LB RR Depot, Or A Symptom Of Chronic City Hall Inattention To Willow Springs Park, Or Any Or All Of These?
    LBPD Nabs Three Suspected Wrigley Biz Burglars, Conducted Intense Search For A Fourth
    On Nov. 30, City Staff Will Ask City Hall Advisory Committee To Recommend Removing Crossing Guards From These Five Locations
    Man Is Shot/Wounded Sat Nite, PCH East of Santa Fe (1st Council district)
    LBPD indicates that a LB man was found deceased in a vehicle in the area of 10th St./Bennett Ave. in the early morning hours of Nov. 28. At late afternoon, Costa Mesa PD indicated that LBPD and the LA County Coroner are investigating the circumstances surrounding the man's death, and a few minutes later LBPD PIO Arrona informed that the incident is being investigated as a suicide and the investigation remains ongoing. ( is "old school" and as a general rule doesn't detail the circumstances of suicides.)
    LBFD Uses Jaws of Life To Free Two Critically Injured Adults From Wreckage After Their Car Slams Into Tree, 1500 block Studebaker Rd. (Area Driscoll St.)

    Photo by Scott Dauscher
    Terrifying Pre-Dawn Home Invasion, 200 block E. Del Amo; LBPD Activates SWAT, Arrests Three Suspects, Rescues Six Residents, Some Injured
    Man Is Shot Early Fri Nite, 2200 block Santa Fe (7th Council district)

    2014 to date: Red Xs=homicides; Blue Xs= shootings, person wounded; Brown Xs=shots fired at victim(s), not hit; Purple Xs=shots at occupied residence/vehicle; Green Xs= shots at unoccupied vehicle/residence; Grey Xs=shots fired (no hit, no target identified); Orange X's=non-fatal stabbings. Map is unofficial. A separate map (not shown here) indicates add'l shootings in NLB.
    As seen LIVE: Council Votes (8-0, Andrews Absent) To Ask City Mgt. To Evaluate New Revenue From June/Nov. Voter-Approved Tax Hikes And "Make Necessary Preparations To Restore Rescue 12" (NLB)
  • Lead Agendizer Richardson Resists Specifying Restoration Of Engine 17 (Supernaw) and Engine 101 (Pearce), Says His Agenda Item Seeks Restoration Of Multiple Public Safety Items As Mgm't Deems Able
  • Richardson Mentions Police Restorations But No Specific Number, Seeks Mgm't Report Within 90 Days On Short And Long Term Plan For Public Safety Restorations
    Reported First (Again) by Long Beach City Clerk Abruptly Resigns, Announced By City Att'y Following Council Closed Session
    City Hall Settles Legal Actions Brought By Alamitos Beach Residents That Challenged Three Council-Approved Downtown Property Sales Citing Parking Impacts; City Agrees To Pay Up To $250k For Professional Parking Studies In Alamitos Beach and Downtown Areas
    With No Council Discussion And No Speakers Pro or Con, Council Votes 5-2 (Price, Supernaw dissenting, Andrews and Mungo Absent) To Approve Resolution Supporting Deportation-Relief For Dad / Illegal Immigrant Pulled Over @ CSULB For Broken Headlight, Deported To Mexico For 20+ Yr Old Drug Conviction
    As seen LIVE: Council votes 8-0 (Andrews absent) to overrule appeal, approve increased number of residences without new EIR: Density Watch: LB Resident Warren Blesofsky's Nov. 22 Appeal Will Require Council To Approve Or Disapprove Letting Developer of New 35-Story Tower @ Ocean/Alamitos Increase Residential Units By Roughly 42% While Increasing Parking By Roughly 16.5%...Without Analyzing Its Environmental [Neighborhood/City] Impacts
    As seen LIVE: Agenda item is removed from discussion, delayed for roughly two weeks awaiting a city management report: Councilmembers Price, Supernaw and Austin Agendize Nov. 22 Item To Re-Allocate Nearly $700,000 -- Incl. $475,000 City Att'y Says Its Office Can't Legally Spend To Enforce State Wage Laws -- To Instead Identify Specific Public Safety Priorities On Which It Can Be Spent, Incl. Restoring Resources, Staffing & Equipment
    Subsequent coverage above
    Vice Mayor Richardson, Joined By Councilmembers Gonzalez, Mungo and Andrews, Cite Voter Approval Of City And County Tax Measures And Ask City Mgr. "To Evaluate New and Ongoing Revenue Sources" And Make "Necessary Preparations to Restore Paramedic Rescue 12 in Jan. 2017" And Report Within 90 Days On Feasibility of Short & Long Term Plan For Add'l Public Safety Restorations
    Large Crowd Comes To See New Proposed 2nd/PCH Development That DOESN'T Seek Bldg. Heights Exceeding Current Coastal Zoning

    For Second Saturday Night In A Row, Long Beach Marchers Protest President-Elect Trump With Signs And Chants From Bixby Park To Downtown...And Plan To Do It Again On Nov. 26
    Man Is Shot Early Sat Nite, 1300 block Dawson Ave., just north of Anaheim St. (4th Council dist.)
    Man Is Shot Midafternoon Saturday, Pacific Ave./6th St. (1st Council dist.)
    In Depth / Extended Audio: CA Energy Comm'n LB Evidentiary Hearing On AES-Sought Chanes To Its Studebaker Rd. Power Plant Opens With Non-Evidentiary Comments From Area Electeds, Incl. Councilwoman Suzie Price, Backing AES Proposal; Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust Says Power Plant Doesn't Belong Next To Wetlands, Urges Energy Alternatives; AES Says Its Proposed "Energy Center" (With New Gas-Fired Generators + Battery Storage) Will Mean Less Visual Intrusion And More Electrical Capacity
    Council Votes 5-3 (Price, Supernaw, Mungo Dissenting) To Support Deportation-Relief For Dad / Illegal Immigrant Pulled Over @ CSULB For Broken Headlight, Deported To Mexico For 20+ Yr Old Drug Conviction, Separated From His Family Incl. Son Who Served in US Marines
    Councilwoman Price voices compassion for family's situation but says the federal relief sought is very rare, urges change in federal rule applicable in multiple cases
    Potential Trump Defense Sec'y Has Long Beach Family Ties
    Long Beach Mayor/Vice Mayor Mum, City Hall Releases Docs That Don't Show, Why Michelle Obama Didn't Attend Opening Ceremony For New Library Named In Her Honor...Although We Separately Learned She Was Likely In Palm Springs Area At The Time
    Man & Woman Shot/Wounded, 5400 block Paramount Blvd.
    Several Hundred LB Demonstrators Peacefully But Pointedly Display Their Dismay Over Election Of Donald Trump
    We Request Doc Showing $200+ Mil In Needed QM Repairs; We Receive This Explanation
    Suspect In Custody After Los Cerritos SWAT Deployment Following Carjacking, Vehicle Crash Into Garage And Lengthy Standoff
  • Politically Charged/Election Amplified Long Beach City Council Item Seeks Deportation-Relief For Dad / Illegal Immigrant Pulled Over @ CSULB For Broken Headlight, Deported To Mexico For 20+ Yr Old Drug Conviction, Separated From His Family Incl. Son Who Served in US Marines
    CA Energy Comm'n Will Hold Nov. 15 Hearing In LB To Take Evidence Pro/Con On AES Request To Replace Its Current Studebaker Rd. Electricity Plant With Basically New Facility; Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust Voices Concerns, Will Propose Options To Meet Project's Desirable Parts Without What It Calls Undesirable Parts; We'll Carry It LIVE

    Councilwoman Price Said This In Sept. Re SEASP (Proposed SE LB Rezoning), Will Discuss SEASP Tonight (Nov. 10) At Her Monthly Community Meeting (6 p.m. @ Seaport Marina Hotel)
    VIDEO / Election Re-Cap: Long Beach's Iconic 49'rs Tavern Becomes De Facto Trump Victory Venue; Owner (Former LB Political Consultant) Tracy Kittinger Says She Expected Trump's Win...And Is Now Planning A Celebration For Inauguration In January

    Local voters approve increased property taxes for LBUSD school repairs/upgrades, increased sales tax for Metro projects, approve adult recreational marijuana use statewide, re-open LB medpot outlets, approve a LB city tax on marijuana operations, elect Janice Hahn to Bd. of Supervisors, re-elect LB-area Dem incumbents to Sac'to, DC
    Carl Kemp, Former LB Lobbyist/Gov't Affairs Specialist, Is Sentenced To 366 Days in Fed'l Prison On Tax Fraud Charge; Prosecutors Sought 18 Months; After Sentencing, Kemp Comments On Facebook That Trump Admits To Not Paying Almost $1 Billion In Taxes But Could Become Next President
    LBPD Arrests Suspect In Mother/Daughter 9th/Locust Murder, Allegedly Linked By DNA From Crime Scene Forensic Evidence, Who's Been In LAPD Custody On Unrelated Charge Since Late August

    Man Is Fatally Shot, North of Anaheim St., West of Junipero (2300 block Spaulding)
    Gunfire At Midafternoon Saturday: Anaheim/Linden (1st dist.); Police Find Evidence Of Shooting But No Person(s) Hit
    Some Uncertainty After Councilman Supernaw Says, And LGB PIO Says, Airport Customs Facility/Int'l Flights Feasibility Study Moved To Dec. 13 Council Meeting Instead Of Nov. 15
    LGB PIO Says It's Due To Anticipated Absence Of A Councimember And Mayor...But Mayor's Chief of Staff Says He WILL Be Present
    Grassroots Neighborhood Advocacy Group (CARP) Secures Development Changes In Settling Its Lawsuit Over Riverwalk Residential Project
    As Seen LIVE: Council Agrees (6-1, Price Dissenting) To New 66 Yr Lease For New Queen Mary Lessee Using Up To $23 Million In Public Money To Fund Ship's Immediate Repairs; Mgm't Admits $200+ Million Needed For Add'l Ship Repairs But No Councilmembers Ask Why Or Who's Responsible; Council Majority Declines Request By Price, Favored By City Auditor Doud, To Review Transaction Before Council Approval
    Also Revealed: New Lessee Will Build New Terminal For Carnival So Lessee Can Use Spruce Goose Dome For Special Events
    In Detail: Council Votes 6-0 (Uranga, Gonzalez, Richardson Absent) To Seek Airport Mgm't Report w/in 45 Days On Process Involved, Potential Scope, and Pros/Cons of Development at LB Airport Master Plan; Airport Director Romo Cautions That Such Plans Traditionally Discuss Capacity And As Such Could Elevate Risk To LB Airport Flight Limits; Councilmembers Austin, Supernaw And Mungo Indicate Importance Of Protecting Airport Ordinance
    Assistance League's Holiday Gift Boutique Is For Two Days Only: Nov. 3 and Nov. 4; Shop For Gifts For A Good Cause
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